Thursday, September 30, 2010

DESTINATION: Fashion Nation

Today I went to FIP's grad night. Eunice was part of it and I was all over it. Despite some major boo boos because of the seat limitation luckily we were all able to come out of it ALIVE! Thanks to Mikee for accomodating us! You know I love you Mikee! =)

FIP new borns...

A few more that caught my eye...

The following are eye candy but I was too lazy to know who the designers were.

Designed by students from FIP =8

The graduates...

Backstage madness!

This is the only photo from my camera that has my face in it and the flash was too hard on me! Nice one! I look like I'm so glad I've MET! =)

It was a great experience! I now know what to expect come my very own grad show hopefully next year. So help me God!

moving on...

No matter how I adore my oh so lovely strappy Janilyn shoes I bailed out and went running back to my ever reliable havs just as we were about to have dinner. Luckily my camera's battery gave up when we were in Shabu Shabu. Yes! Shabu Shabu as in -cooking time! Not a great idea for a hungry monkey like me! I know Allan was again exposed to the fashion show chaos but I always redeem myself through good food. Works every season. =)

Thanks to Eunice's dad for taking care of the tab! I wish he can join us for the fashion week! Chos! I will most likely edit this post maybe a lil later to add more pics from Dave's (my nephew's) camera so you can see me in full hagardness glory!

Now leme get some rest and dream about my grad show... jumping to 2011 now!

Good night loves!

Edit post

There I was... I'm a mess!


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