Monday, November 22, 2010


Okay just say it! This boots instantly became a favorite over the past 2 weekends. How can I not love them? Tell me!

So this was a photo taken in Eastwood when I dropped by Make Room to scout some space-saving-organizers since I'm moving in less than a month. I had a long list of places to check out furniture from and that's why I decided to wear something really comfy at the same time presentable. Besides you'll never know who you'll run into. =)

I am so excited to move and I'll post some photos during the process that's for sure. I found the best counter table for my tiny kitchen! I'll blog about that as soon as everything is set up!

Eatwood bazaar made my day again! I found this peace sign necklace and the heart ring from one of the stores. I forgot the name of the store...I'm not sure if it even has one. Eh?

Lookbook post:

I've been loving the hounds tooth print for so long and this photo reminded me of my DIY houndstooth top from before.

It was too big for me so I made a few shoulder detail to fit.

Leme grab lunch for now! See you later loves! =)


  1. "Besides you'll never know who you'll run into."

    - Me! Hehe

  2. Correct! I also saw John and Shanae! Impossible talaga na walang makitang kakilala sa eastwood...