Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Muji!

I went to Kat's place for her son's bday celebration and headed to Bonifacio HS after literally pigging out on spaghetti and barbecue! heeee!

I went with Kiko and Sharon and we dropped by Muji to grab some things. I didn't plan to buy anything because after the spontanous shopping with Kat on Saturday, I felt kind of guilty. Muji, well, is like most of the Japan stores we know. It just made me come up with a lot of reasons to buy. Check out the shoe organizers that I got! I am so excited to use it and house my shoes!

Look at how you can kind of see through it. I was planning on getting uniform white boxes and planned on printing photos of each pair for it to instantly help me know what's inside. But with this- it looks like my problem is solved.

The stackable boxes are made of plastic and it is collapsible so that means it's very easy to wash when it gets bad and dirty. The guy from Muji said they only have 6 in stock. Obviously I needed more. He took my number and said they'll notify me once they get a shipment from Japan.

Photos from Kat's place...

Ending the day by hanging out with Kiko and Sharon in CBTL Burgos Circle was great! Now ladies if you'll excuse me I have some "assembling and stacking" to do! =)

Enjoy the rest of the day! Happy Monday!


  1. Kiko thanks for introducing me to this store! I love it! =) You should get the bean bag hehe!

  2. Soon, pag nalakihan na room ko. : )

  3. hi! how much are the shoe boxes? I wanna get them too :)