Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yesterday was a long day! Or at least it seemed like one because I was not feeling well. My throat feels like it's burning. I guess this is the prize I have to pay for pigging out on Ara's cake Saturday night. (I will post photos from the party soon)

After meeting up with the Engineer that's working on the wall I'm having made for my place. Allan and I went to Bellucci for snack. Bellucci is minutes away from my place. It has become our favorite for the past few months now. I've been wanting to blog about this place but I always either forget to bring my camera or is just too preoccupied with my food. lol!

So finally, here it is. It caters itallian fusion and the prizes are very reasonable. The place is very simple yet cozy. You might want to pay a visit next time you pass by Balete drive. =)

Look at how nice the place is.

View from outside.

There's our food!

After eating, we headed to Whiteplains to check on the Sofa bed that we have spotted last month.

These are some things that catched my eye. I love IKEA!

We went to BHS afterwards and dropped by MUJI and Gap to grab a few Christmas gifts. Dinner at Sentro, Serendra was a great way to end the day.

Oh how I love their green mango salad And sago't gulaman! =)

I'm off to work now. Have a great day fashionistas! =)

top from some random store in HK
shorts from folded and hung
wedges from SM dept store
Fringe purse designed by Yako Reyes


  1. Love your outfit!:) Yako Reyes is my professor in school hehe :)

  2. Thanks Ava! I'm a fan! tell him I said hi! (close?) Yako’s simply chic aesthetic keeps the bags interesting. This will not be my last. =)

  3. i love ikea too! and those clocks are way too cool!

  4. And look at those picture frames! I like the one with the photographer.

  5. that food looks so yummy! love your shoes.xx

  6. thank you for your sweet comment! Love your shoes super!!! :-) Followed you ;-)

  7. i love your bag!! belluci seema like a nice place, i'm definitely gonna try it.. looks like you had such a great day! :)


  8. damn your shoes are killer! very nice.

  9. Aie, I love this look!!! Totally my style. And where can I buy a Yako Reyes bag? I love that fringed bag!

  10. Thanks Kookie! They are being sold sa 4th Level Markati Palazzo, Podium =)

  11. I am in love with your blog. Such a great mix of posts. I'm now following!!!

    xxo Tess S.

  12. love the shoes. i thought theyre from Virtual mae
    love this post