Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY ACCESSORY STORE- customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Finish product!
Note: the bangle and flats are being sold in the store. Both are hand painted. looks like someone's got a sweet tooth!

I was surprised to see charms and beads on small bowls when I got in the store and found out that they actually sell them individually so you can make what you want on your own.

Those 3 charms in the middle cost 20 pesos each; the two lockets on both sides were only 30 pesos per piece. The chain- P200 per meter. Skill and will- priceless!

This store is equipped with everything you'll ever need to complete your masterpiece. And tell me 'bout the fulfillment you'll get afterwards!

For more info on the accessory store let me know. J

edit post:

I forgot the name of the store but you can find it on Cubao Expo. =)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shanon Pamaong's solo show

This I love!!!

This was during fashion week about 2 seasons ago. The collection explains why Shanon is indeed the director of FIP.

every drop counts

leather jacket: Top Shop
tanktop: Guess
Pants: Greenhills find
wedges: Aldo

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A virgin in the blogger’s world…

I'm such a newbie in the bloggers world! A very good friend of mine suggested that I start to blog because she finds my Facebook shout outs getting pretty long. It actually took me months to create one because I couldn't find the time. But here I am and I'm very excited about this..

I decided to start a fashion blog and share my budget shopping expedition as well as ideas on how to wear something in many other ways. 

If anything should be referred to as "my style," I suppose it would be very toned down but chic. "Proper and strict" as they say. I really appreciate simplicity and minimalism but I also adore over-articulation every once in a while. Shopping for branded clothing is fun, like creatures of comfort, but I only shop to my wallet that's why I always find it easy to avoid becoming preoccupied with labels. And because I'm still learning to sew- that means I will soon make my own clothes when I'm ready to do-it-myself not destroy-it-myself, I shop in stores like landmark and SM department stores even greenhills as long as it doesn't look too much "tiange". The only closet section that my wallet cries for would be shoes! Who doesn't love shoes? Tell me? I'll blog more about this kind of love along the way that's for sure!

Anyway, I guess this is a roundabout way of saying that this blog is going to be about me and my tiny little fashion bubble. So please bear with me yes?

I'm no expert. All I know is that I will always believe that if you wear something and you strut it like you mean it everyone will agree with you and no one will ask questions. I just wear what I want and how I want it, in no particular order, and I'm happy to see that it always turn out decent.

I'll probably look back to this very post and smile at how excited I was getting started. 

Picture taken by Paul Sena

Silk plum animal print top designed by Eunice A.

Harem pants by Eunice A.

Headband by Evita Peroni

Belt and accessories owned by Cor Sunglao

Make up by Mimi Corpuz

Photo used for Fashion Institute of the Philippines