Monday, January 31, 2011

The Safety Cape

cape, thrifted/ jeggings from greenhills/ pumps from SM Parisian (again! <3)

I got this cape from way back. I just haven't used it untill today. I love that it gives me a feeling that I am safe in it hence the title. I love the sheer fabric and the floral print makes it all the more of a gift from heaven that it already is.

The whole moving thing has been a challenge to me, I'm sure I have mentioned that so many times from my previous posts. But above all, I am truly very happy that I finally did it. Now I am actually working to keep a roof over my head and to bring food to my own table and It feels so great to have that big of a reason why you do things. This whole experience taught me a lot - considering the fact that I haven't even reached a month yet. It made me value what I have and it taught me how to prioritize and be patient. On top of that, it also made me somehow become even closer to my family. How ironic is that? I now stay online longer than usual to chat with my parents, I make time to hangout with my sisters and beloved nephews on weekends and I get to save up on chat over coffee too because I can just invite friends over! heeh!

There's so much to look forward to this year and as I watch January leave, I look forward to seeing more plans materializing this February. All is not peaches and perfection but right now I can say that there's little else to ask for.

Cheers to all independent women out there! =)

Ciao for now!


  1. looks beautful <3
    love the shoes <3

    What do you think about following each other ?

    When you like the idea follow me and i'll follow as soon as possible back !

    Have a wonderful day ;)


  2. The best "grown up" thing I did was move out- also brought me closer to my family. Weird. =)

  3. Bet ko ang cape mo!! <3 And your jeans and shoes made your legs look even more longer! :)

  4. that cape is so gorgeous!!! i want i want!:)

  5. the cape is most definly amazing but wow talk about the heels. they are so damn hot.

  6. Great:)


  7. Aie!! I just read your comment.. Thank you <3
    I'm asking friends to make a birthday fansign for me.. You think you have time to make one for me? :D All you have to do is write happy birthday on a piece of paper, hold it up, smile and take a picture. HAHA!! If you have time for it, please send it to my email- I shall be posting it tonight :D

  8. Awesome, I love it!
    You look stunning as usual..
    Great cape


  9. THANK YOU!!! ^_^
    Are you free on Feb.5? We're having like a bloggers' meet-up at Greenbelt, 4pm.. Wala lang.. Just hang out then dinner together lang.. Thought you might wanna join us? Punta si Ana, Ava, Krissy, Karl, Nicole, Efril, Vern, Raleene, ahmm.. so far, yan ang naalala ko.. So anyway, let me know if you'll be coming ha! It'll be awesome to finally meet you in person! :)

  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this cape! If you ever part with it, PLEASE let me know I will buy it off you. What an amazing find!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  11. what a cute cape! it suits you so well! and I love your shoes, very Louboutin-ish

  12. love ur cape !

  13. moving is really hard, i've been through that but you'll make it and it'll be a great change!
    love the cape!

  14. aiee!! i love that cape!! bongga!

  15. i love the's beautiful. and congrats on the move! it's a big step and nice to see you're enjoying both the joy and responsibility of it.

  16. oooohhh. love the cape. it's gorgeous! hope to see more of you here.