Monday, April 25, 2011

Stripes and Leo

Here's an outfit post. Taken in Eastwood over the weekend when I had breakfast with some friends.

top- random/ shorts from F&H/ Bag- Belladona/ Hat- SM/ bangle- Jhajing (multiply store)/Wedges Janilyn

This was taken by Kiko, A good friend of mine. I love the way he captured the whole scene.

Thanks to Kat for the photos! =)

I am very excited for tomorrow's pampering session with the "Bloggers United" girls. I'll blog about it next. =)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Quick Dip

The good thing about going to Subic is that it's so near for you to enjoy your one moment of peace without having to hurt your schedule at work.

The beach, of course is not peaches and perfection but it's good enough for a quick escape. =)

There's my view from where we stayed. I love having breakfast by the beach!

It was fun being my lazy self all weekend. No drama, no air fare and definitely no holes in my pocket. Except the part where we dropped by Duty Free heeh! =)

Bora baby I'll see you soon! =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

1st Summer Stop- Subic

I went to Subic with Allan over the weekend. I know I'm supposed to wear a beach appropriate footwear but I was just too inspired to wear my leopard print wedges.

diy shorts/ top from a random bazaar/ necklace- gift from a friend/ leather bracelet used as a turban- babo/ headband- Evita Peroni/ wedges- janilyn/ canvas tote- Tory Burch/ gym bag- Ralp Lauren/ travel make up box

More photos next... =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Some of my friends bugged me a long time ago to create a twitter account. And so I did but never used it.

I tried to access it yesterday. I was thankful that I finally remembered my password. (Yay!) I have to learn my way in there a little more (I feel old). But for now please follow me as I plan on tweeting more often not only to share my thoughts but to get updated on what's up with you guys too. =)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No More Cable Fees

Last night I attended an ETC event held in A Venue Makati. ETC is making Filipino fashionistas anywhere in the country tune in to US Match Aired programs without having to pay monthly cable fees.

I am truly happy about the Big Switch because now I don't have to pay extra to watch the series I follow. Good news is that despite operating on a free television platform, ETC will remain as a 24-hour channel so yay to occasional zombie like me! As we all know Solar has produced “Project Runway Philippines” seasons 1 and 2, and from what I've heard, a third season is about to keep us entertained. =)

Here are some photos taken from the event...

with Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums and Kate Villena of ETC

The DJs of the night

They had different booths for different shows. This one is for "America's Next Top Model". ---We're still in the running towards becoming America's next top model. Chos!

Aisa on "Pretty Little Liars"

Go get cozy on your couch all week with “How I Met Your Mother” season 6 on Mondays, “The Vampire Diaries” season 2 on Tuesdays, “Hellcats” and “Glee” season 2 on Wednesdays, “Gossip Girl” season 4 and “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 16 on Thursdays, and “Pretty Little Liars” on Fridays

Oh they gave us a laptop bag too. =) Can't wait to use it!

How bongga is that no? Some of you may already know about the Bloggers United event happening on May 27. Well, ETC is going to be our media partner so stay tunned. =)

ps: You know how people during events are being interviewed and aired on TV? Pax and I did that last night and It was a disaster haha! I was too shy! I am not used to having a camera and a light poked in my face. In case they air that please forgive my awkward face lol! I will do better next time. (If there's a next time haha!) We had fun though!

Many thanks to Kate Villena for the invitation and for making time for us and of course Pax and Mich for coming.

That's it for today...Channel 9 go!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Chocolate With 0 Calories!

This was during the Chocolate clothing event last night. It was held in Opus, Resorts World. I came in late coming from work but I was just in time for the show. Yay!

oversized top- Pierre Cardin/ shorts- F&H/ headband- Evita Peroni/ Bag- Michael Kors/ wedges- SM

I was so happy when I found out that Reg was going too! I love her outfit so much and look how tall she is!

Okay babe let's just sit down. lol!

There's Allan =)

We grabbed a bite after the show and took more photos using the beautiful walls from the mall. I enjoyed bonding with Reg so much! She's such a sweet girl! She's so pretty too!


Here are some photos from the show. Sorry for the crappy runway shots again. I'll work on that I swear! Please give me a lil more time.. lol!

That's it for now. I'm a bit sad because I can't join the girls in SM Makati for the store opening of Forever 21. I have work. boo! The new ambassadors will be introduced and the twins from The Plump Pinay are there... so much fun to miss! =(

I'll just wait for their blog posts. I hope they take lots of photos!

Ciao for now bellas!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Get that city chic style without burning a hole in your pocket. Simone's closet will be launching their 30th collection come April 9, 2011 at exactly 9am!

Turn heads with pieces that are designed to fit and flatter in shades of blue, black, and white.

I've heard they are also giving away a pair of earrings per item bought from the shop.

You may check their store here.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Smile From The Toes Up!

Over the weekend I headed to the gym and took this chance to spend time with my nephews. It's always nice to hangout with kids.

That's me soaking my feet after battling with the treadmill.

I had a great chat with my sister while pigging out on Mary Grace's cheese roll with our feet soaked! She was the one who took these photos.

Look at my nephews! They never fail to make my day!

That's my gym outfit. I look like I just came out of bed because the truth is... I just did when this photo was taken. heeh!

I miss my gym buddies. They canceled their membership already. I can bring anyone on weekends for the whole month of April so please let me know If you are interested. I can really use some company plus sauna bonding is always fun. Besides, I would have to cancel in May because I need to save up and probably just bug Allan for a run so I better make the most out of it now. I know I'll miss the place and most especially the classes for sure. Been a member for years already but because I moved to live on my own... Fitness First, you are too pricey for me now! =(

Speaking of saving up and because I enjoyed soaking my feet in the pool so much, I did check out some foot soak recipes online. I think this is something I would want to do during my me-time to replace my sauna-moment-of-peace in the gym.

Lavender Herbal foot bath


* 5 litres of water
* 2 drops of lavender essential oil
* 1/4 cup of sea salt or Epsom salt


* Boil water and cool down a bit
* Add lavender oil and salt
* Soak your feet

Lavender is not only used in relaxing bubble baths and foot massage, it is a wonderful ingredients for your feet. It smells good and provides relaxation your feet need.

You could also try sandlewood or Ylang Ylang oils, they also have a soothing effect.

Skin softening soak


* 1/4 fresh lemon juice
* a bit of cinnamon
* 2 tablespoons of olive oil
* 1/4 cup of milk
* 1/4 water


* Mix all the ingredients and soak your feet as long as you like
* In order to maintain the effects this foot soak use it 2 times a week

After you are done with this foot soak, your skin will feel smooth and pedicure will be a breeze. Cuticle care is performed after this, as they are softened and can be pushed back painlessly.

All recipes found here. Happy soaking! =)