Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boracay Trip

I went to boracay last week. It's nice to go on a vacation before the month of May gets too busy! As we all know it's fashion week again and the Bloggers United event is happening towards the end of the month so there's just so many things going on. Hey I am not complaining! I love all these craziness!

Here are some photos I picked to share here. I have a bunch but I am not going to bore you with all of 'em. =)

I love the hats being sold in bora! I went home with 4 additional hats. Yes that's on top of the 3 I originally brought with me. Haha! I didn't get to use all of it but I wanted to get as much because it's cheaper there! This blue one in the photo is my fav! I got that in black and red too!

The pink one was what I planned on wearing but a seller approached me when we were walking to get lunch in 2 seasons hence the change of hats! lol!

There's Allan's niece! She's super adorable! She's only 3 and yet she reads and she knows how to dive too! She says hi to everyone she sees! I love her to bits!

Bamboo lounge is our favorite place aside from the pool area in our hotel (Le Soleil) because it's not too noisy! We have issues with noise. I'm probably getting old lol!

I don't know how Allan did this but I love him for making my legs look long! haha!

With Allan's sister and her friend since nursery! Amazing! Maryknoll pa nun! lol! =)

I know I tweeted how I saw Ana there! I was super happy to see her! Ana is one of my favorite people in the blogsphere! She's super nice and very talented too!

And I just had to show you this giant lobster! Allan and I were eating and a lot of people kept stopping by to take a photo of it. haha! So I did too! Say hi to the popular lobster!

I had a lot of fun! I did mostly eating and lounging! I love the pasta and pizza in 2 seasons. You should also try their Mojito. Jap food in Hama is also great but it's a bit pricey. And of course nothing beats the street food everywhere uhhh! I miss! I've heard Mañana and True Food serve super delish food! We shall be back for mexican and indian soon!

I will post more photos from the ETC event in bora next!


  1. It was great to see you din Aie!!! :) <3 In my bangenge mode pa! :) Hahahah! I miss bora, and I love all your outfitey there teh! :) <3 Love ko mga hats nila ang mura pa! :))

  2. I love the 1st hat you were wearing! I miss Bora! I was there last Feb. but unfortunately, it drizzled a little bit. Oh and the necklace you're wearing is super nice too!

  3. nice hats! and you made me want to go to the beach!

  4. i miss bora! manana, true food and real coffee have always been my goto places in bora eversince. props to you for being able to take home all 7 hats on the bangka! lol :) love love love the blue one though, so cute :)

  5. cute hats!!! inspired by the royal wedding ba? Joke :P

  6. @fashionggplant: tamey! ang kalamansi muffinnnn! =)

  7. even at bora, chic ka parin, babe! haha:D love it! and fave ko yung pink hat!!

  8. i love your floppy hat on the first photo! I want one too! :)

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  11. i visited this place thrice. love to come back again:) thanks for sharing this place...