Sunday, May 8, 2011

ETC Party Gras

I was the happiest when I found out that my friend, Kate, is booked the same day we were to Boracay. She's there for business and this only means we'll be attending ETC's Party Gras! =)

Here are some photos from the event. They had several activities during the day and from 9pm 'til dawn the party went on...

It was a really fun event. People never got tired of dancing! This was a great way to celebrate my last night there!

Look who's in the front row! lol!

Free booze for everyone that's invited for the whole night!

Since the event was just outside our hotel. Allan and I got to take more Mojitos to the pool area. =)

Thanks to ETC for inviting us! We had so much fun! I enjoyed the show and I'm happy to have met some great people too!

Ana dropped by to say "hi" but I was gone when she came back from her event hopping expedition. =)

It's sometimes impossible not to see anyone you know in Bora. I got to see Ana and a great friend of mine Mark Nicosia. He's one of the DJ's to make it to the top three of GSM Blue Mix Master Competition! I wanted to support him but I honestly don't drink GSM Blue. I did wish him the best of luck though when I bumped into him in Epic the night before the event. I hope he gets the title. He's really good at it. Shout out to you Mark! =)

That's it for now loves. I attended the grand launch of ESPRIT in Megamall. Will blog about this next! Thanks for reading! Good night! *beso


  1. sounds cool! glad you enjoyed the event. :)

    Kat -

  2. Ang saya Aieee! Ang eventful ng buhay mo the past weeks!!! :D Loves it! :)) See you soon a! :) <3

  3. fun!! wish i was in bora! sama mo kami ni ana!! hehe miss you, aie!

  4. @ana: oonga eh haha ang daming nagaganap lol!
    @Ava: miss you too! balik ka naaaa! =)

  5. wow namiss ko tuloy bora!haha!love the photos Aie!:)

  6. wow looks like such a fun night aie! :)

  7. This looks like so much fun! I miss Bora! Oh and I love the top you're wearing in the last photo!

  8. Oh my god, this looks amazing. And looks like you had tons of fun! :)

  9. looks like such an amazing event!!