Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yes! Lifestyle Network's F.A.S.H. (Fashion And Style Hub) offers another season of it's locally produced series. And this season, the whole gang is on a mission to teach everyone how to fight for your fashion right - with kembot!

Season 2 promises to bring us more beauty and fashion tips, more life-changing make-overs and a whole lot of stylish fun!

Here are some photos from the launch.

While waiting for Allan, Aisa and I just had to take a "drinking fountain" shot! lol! It's always crazy fun with her around. =)

And the girls came too! yay! Chika galore!

I love Tatie's pants!

And Donna's bag! I die!

Allan and Mich! Don't they look cute together? lol!

I don't have an outfit shot but I hope this counts. Pumapamewang! eeep! =/

top Zara, janilyn shoes/ random bag

I know you've seen these wedges so many times but please don't get tired of them. I am loving how comfy they are. Leopard and wedge. All boxes checked! It's my current fav! You'll be seeing more of it. heeeh!

This week is the busiest! Can't wait to see some of the shows! I didn't get to go last Tuesday because I did't want to stay in traffic with everyone going to JB's concert. But tomorrow is going to be fun for sure!

See you in a bit! Forever21 show up next! =)


  1. Love your shoes! Looks like you ladies had so much fun that night :)

  2. i love your shoes and i totally get it why youre wearing them always! id never take that off!

  3. LOL at allan and mich! haha naman!:)) PAX and MICH parin!:)) Love you all!! SO fasssyon!

  4. no problem wearing fabulous shoes all the time... and bonus is that they're comfortable! Just keep wearing them! You girls look fun!

  5. oh my eyes zoomed in to your shoes. it looks like a fun fun night.