Sunday, May 22, 2011

PFW- Premiere C Collection and Penshoppe

Here are some photos from the Premier C collection and Penshoppe show.

I wore a red dress and just had use this hounds tooth skirt over it because the dress was too plain. Of course I had to use my Yako Reyes bag since I'm there to see his show.

Jeff Rogador

Kermit Tesoro

Raoul Ramirez

Yako Reyes

Saw Mike in Don Protacio and Karl in Kermit Tesoro shoes- love it!)

My good friends Cora and Kate were there too! =)

After the premiere C collection I met up with some friends to see the Penshoppe show.

Sat with my fellow bloggers during the show!

Some runway shots from a bunch of blurry ones again. Sorry! =/

More photos before heading to Burgoo were taken but I won't bore you with all of it anymore!

It was a day where I got to spend time with different sets of friends! I thought about not going anymore but I'm glad I did because I would've missed all of these. Until next season! Cheers to Runway Productions!

Oh and It was also nice to see Dianne Pancho again! She's a reader and she blogs too. Shout out to you babe! Thanks for taking some photos. I hope to see you on the 27th! =)

And now I'm back to regular blogging. Tomato launched their fragrance line yesterday! I will blog about that next. =)


  1. the girl with the flower heaDpiece? is her name rhea??? i think i know her... or maybe just a look a like

  2. hi aie!! went to penshoppe show too! sayang i didn't see you. and gosshh that Kermit Tesoro shoes are quite hard to walk in! :O good thing he managed haha :D

  3. really like what you wore!

  4. ohemgeee. mike looks fricking sensational in that don protasio outfit. eughhh... too bad i'm missing all the PFW fashion! i totally envy you guys in there. good to encounter your blog!


  5. elegant and chic! love it! :'>

  6. that fringe clutch is AMAZING!!

  7. gorgeous outfit! I really like the hounds tooth skirt <3.

  8. Hello there! I just came across your blog and loved it! you have a great blog! love your style, please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same! xx

  9. Wow! I am loving that clutch!! amazing =)