Saturday, May 28, 2011

This post is good for your heart...Oohlalicious!

A few weeks back, thanks to Ana and Jam, I was invited to the launch of Tomato's fragrance line in Trinoma. I know I was there for their eau de toilette but I couldn't help but try on some clothes too! I was surprised to see nice pieces at a very affordable price.

This dress worn as a top and the pants - at P700 each

This is how it looks like when worn as a dress.

I also tried a black jumpsuit paired with this really nice blazer. If I remember it correctly, I think the blazer was priced at P900-ish.

I wore a yellow dress during the event. Sorry I didn't get to take outfit photos!

Krissy's pick.

I got there a bit early and while waiting for Krissy I took photos of whatever catches my eye. I also made new friends! Shout out to you girls!

With Tatie, Karen of Tomato, Krissy, and Jen


With Kai and Karen, Marketing manager of Tomato.

With Clarisse and Sarah

Sandra Seifert was there during the event together with some boys from Azkals.

Photos with the girls! =)

Ms. Earth and Jenny Dionisio, Owner or Tomato

Melai, Jam and Krissy

I love Melai's floral midi

So below are photos of their newest fragrance line.

OOhlalicious lets you subtly unleash your inner foxiness. Wear Oohlalicious and leave a trail of unspoken desires and hearts on the verge of breaking simply by walking across the room.

Vavalicious on the other hand, is about elegant, chic modernity and sophistication. It is for women who express their innate elegance and class without coming off as too dainty and too refined to the point of boredom.

I actually like Oohlalicious, I tried it and wore them to work. The smell stays for a long time. If you like something not too sweet and spicy go try it. It's very affordable at less than P400. =)

My eyes are twitching and begging for rest now but before I end this post let me share with you a photo of myself and this beautiful girl who made my day during the event. Her name is Apple she's one of Tomato's merchandiser. She said she reads my blog and that she saw me first in Lookbook. This is the first time I've ever met a reader. I am thrilled and very thankful! Shout out to you Apple! Thanks for reading my tiny blog. =)

That's all for today. I will post more about Bloggers United next. =)


  1. aww love it! ganda mo talaga, friend! bet ko ang top mo!

  2. Looks like it was a really fun event. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. 'love the first dress! good job on wearing it as a top too. pretty! :)

  4. you look so cute! love the leopard maxi and plaid blazer. didn't know they had such nice things in tomato. we never got to take that photo in the bazaar anymore! sayang, hopefully we get to chat more next time and take that photo! :)

    ps. last day to enter my satchel clutch giveaway!

  5. like the first dress aie ;)

    stay gorgeous ;)

  6. love the first dress on you and it's so genius of you to make it as top as well!

  7. Aww, this is lovely,
    great post !

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  8. great clothes! i love that first dress as a dress, but i love it even more as a shirt. great styling!

  9. I love that blazer and the dress looks great worn as a top! x

  10. definitely love ur first outfit!!!

  11. I am eye-ing that blazer and really wish it goes on a discount. =D

    New follower here! Hope you can follow me back. Thanks! :)

  12. i love the tops and the coined necklace! very cute.

  13. Love the photos, looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful outfits! The first was my favourite!

    Girl about Town Xxx