Friday, June 3, 2011

Impulse Shoot

I know I previously mentioned about the shoot I did for Impulse Co. a while back and I haven't really showed you some of the photos other than the BTS shots.

As you all know, (height palang!) I am not a model material lol! But I had so much fun doing this together with fellow blogger Nicole and the only real model among us, Ashley.

I was surprised and delighted when Reesh asked me to do this. I remember modeling for a friend back in FIP but that was a long time ago. I have forgotten how awkward it is to pose in front of a crowd and look normal. lol! For me, not smiling was the hardest! haha!

Here are some of the photo's from a bunch.
Photo by: Philip Lagonilla, Bryan Sagam and Michael Acepcion

Ashley was a pro. She's already doing her thing at a very young age and she's doing it with grace. I love her to bits and I know she'll go a long long way!

I was happy when I found out that a fellow blogger is joining the shoot! It was my first time to hangout with Nicole and I had a blast doing this with her. Thanks again babe for the BTS shots! =)

I can't believe these two girls are only 17! I think I babied them a bit during the shoot lol! Yes loves! I am 10 years older than them. heeeh!

Our make up artist was Angel Hoese. She's a professional makeup artist trained and certified by Internationall​y trained Makeup Artists from The Center for Aesthetics Studies. She's planning on organizing an event and I will tell you more about that soon. =)

Ciao for now loves! I am ending this post by showing you my new baby. Meet my Jessica Simpson Danys. Isn't it lovelaaaay? =) I can't wait to sport this over the weekend!


  1. wow! you girls look so fabulous! i took fashion course din at FIP! :) small world!

  2. Gosh,,,
    I heart your shooeeeeeeees :))))

  3. Height doesn't matter all the time. You've got the looks and the confidence. Go!! :)

  4. love the shoes from the last photo and the bags are amazing!xx

  5. Love this Jessica Simpson shoes. It's superb. The bags in the photos above are adorable.

    Thanks for following my blog.

  6. Love your shoes!
    Great blog ^^ Would you like to follow each other?

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲

  7. those bags are awesome!

    nice to meet you finally. carry ang headpiece talaga. i love it.

  8. you all look so great! i love these photos. lots of awesome looks. <3

  9. ay, caramba! lovely lovely danys! ;( i was really thinking of sending kookie a letter to ask her to adopt me so i could have all her shoes. cant wait to see fotos of you rocking these babies ^^

    happy weekend, guapa!


  10. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You are so beautiful, honestly. Lovely blog, following. One word, GORGEOUS! x

  11. Hi Aie, Just saw this while i was browsing the net. Thanks for the shout out dear!!! Just want to let you and your fab readers that we have moved to and you can also follow us : . We'll be having Makeup Workshops for February and March , hope you and your readers can come and get glammed up! Cheers!