Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tops Bloggers Bash

Sadly, I didn't get to watch the Sofa grad show because I had to go to the airport to fetch my mother's friend. I thought I'd make it since she was expected to arrive at 5 which by the way was delayed to 7:40! I really wanted to watch because it might be just what I need as an inspiration to go back to fashion school.

So anyway, after going through so much in NAIA while dealing with cramps not to mention the crazy traffic and bad weather, I still made it to TOPS Bloggers Bash in OJV. It was great to see my blogger friends again. I had so much fun! Thank you TOPS for doing this for us!

Here are some photos from the event.

It was also great to see some of my ex- office mates in the area. I miss you guys!!!

I might visit TOPS today. Will definitely share my experience with you guys! Have a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JOHN PARAS and RESHMA CHULANI Holiday 2011 Collection

You are invited!!!

Please feel free to email me if you are interested in taking a sneak peak of their Holiday Collection this Saturday. Hope to see you there! =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Banner That Didn't Make It

I know I have been posting too much ads today. I really wanted to share them with you because you also might be interested in them.

And before I start my day, let me share with you the photo that I came across with while checking my email. You may have noticed the new header but before deciding on using that, here's a photo banner that didn't make it.

I really worked hard in deleting the background but I'm pretty sure I'll find a use for it soon. =)

Have a nice day loves!!!

Rainy Day

The 32nd collection called "Rainy Day" of Simone's Closet is now out! Plus they released their second batch of fringe and fabric necklaces!

Do visit her blog here.

SM Accessories' Newest Collection

Here's a great news for those of us who love SM accessories!

Their newest collection for quarter 3 is already up. And since, Ladies' month is near approaching, SM Accessories' has an awesome offer just for the ladies. They are giving away free shower caddy bags for every 1k single receipt purchase at the Ladies' Accessories section.

Get updated with SM Accessories' latest happenings and promos by liking their facebook here.

Happy Shopping! =)

Monday, July 25, 2011

OTD x Giveaway Winners

Forgive me for announcing the winners so late. So much has happened this month and I am still thrilled. Thank you so much to everyone who joined!

Here's an outfit post before anything else! =)

Tank from a random bazaar; blazer c/o Pensoppe; shorts- diy; shoes- urbanog; satchel- belladonna; watch- Technomarine; headband- Evita Peroni

And the correct answer is...

Sadly no one got it but some were really close!

Here are the winners by draw:

3rd place- Earring holder

2nd place- Jewelry box

1st place- Sunnies organizer

Kindly check your emails loveys! Thanks again for joining! this was really fun! I may have another giveaway real soon! Sponsors are always welcome to email me. yeee! =)

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Penshoppe Challenge

Early in the morning yesterday, I attended an event hosted by Penshoppe and I was happy to see my blogger friends yet again.

Here's what I was wearing...

top: Pierre Cardin, a random black leggings, H&M necklace, Bag from ny&Co, belt: SM, shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany's

It was a fun event. We were given a blogger challenge that is to group into 3's and style our own manequin.

Together with Aisa and Belle, here's what we came up with. We wanted to make sure that each of our style is incorporated in it. We also made sure the clothes have that expensive kind of look without hurting your pocket too much! Another consideration we have was to use clothes that no other team thought about using and voila!

Plaid shirt topped with layered knit cardi topped with a parka. Houndstooth belt, cargo pants, highcut sneaks. Who would have thought these would all work together?

And now we need your help. 1 minute of your time is greatly appreciated. Please like penshoppe in Facebook here and our manequin here. Thanks a lot!

So here are some of the photos during the event.

I cannot wait to show you what I got from Penshoppe! Enjoy the rest of the day loves! =)

Send us some love and like this then this. =)