Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Candle On My Cake

My weekend was spent celebrating my birthday with my family and friends. It was super fun spending the whole day with my nephews last Saturday. Dinner followed and my family + Allan + ribs, salad, pizza and wine = perfect celebration.

Come Sunday, I had a separate dinner over non-stop chatting about everything with some of my very good friends since college. I am always thankful for the beautiful people around me. Thanks to my lovely sisters, friends and of course Allan for making my birthday extra special. =)

So yesterday I got the chance to shoot with my good friends Chloe and Kiko. I know sometimes you have to try and put that serious face on during a shoot. And if you can't help it, you can always look down...

But then I had to sneeze haha!

Top Paradigm Shift, shorts from F&H, Military Jacket, Wedges from Urbanog

Okay so no more serious faces...

I finally got to wear my Paradigm Shift shredded top which I got from Karl and Mike back in May.

It's actually a t-shirt. Check out the arm hole that I decided not to use. =)

These wedges were from my dad all the way from New York citayy. I ordered it online and had it shipped to his address. He said he still doesn't get why I love these but since it is my birthday he's staying out of it. heeeh! I love him! I wish he was here to celebrate with us.

More photos from last night...

As promised I will announce the winners to my birthday giveaway tonight. Thanks so much to everyone who joined. If you haven't yet. Please join here.

Today is Allan's birthday and I'm off to meet him in a few. I will drop by Megamall later for the private sale event. See you around loves! =)


  1. Aie! i love your new wedges!:) you look lovely as always.

  2. Hi Aie, those shoes are definitely one of a kind, and soo fierce on you! I love your shredded top it just gives so much of the edge to your whole outfit! Happy Birthday too, looks like you had a super one! -Mar

  3. wow, love the whole outfit!! you look really gorgeous and glowing ;)

  4. You look super sexy and gorgeous aie! looove your military jacket too! :)

  5. Love your shoes! Happy birthday! :)


  6. I crush your wedges Aie. Late Happy Birthday.

  7. Qupid wedges are so fierce! i swear im gonna steal it from u. haha you have the prettiest legs, i'm convinced.

  8. you look so pretty! =)
    i love your wedges! been wanting to get a shredded shirt from paradigm shift too..
    happy belated birthday!

    I Am DollParts

  9. Happy Birthday and you look wonderful! LOVE your shoes too! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)

  10. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a good time! You look ADORABLE. Don't worry about the serious faces, you're so cute when you smile! And holy crap those wedges are amazing! I love all the buckles!


  11. Happy birthday babes! love your new shoes! BTW i nominated you for an award! check this out

  12. nice wedges! belated happy birthday!

  13. love the shoes!!! :) thanks for following my blog im your new follower now

  14. Thanks so much for following my blog! It means so much that someone enjoys my blog!
    I love your style,super chic ans stunning,love those strappy shoes!

    Im follwoing your fab blog,look forward to your next post x

  15. your shoes are gorgeous, love them! Happy birthday :) xx

  16. happy belated birthday, guapaaaaa ^^ love your hair!

  17. Those shoes are really amazing. Love them!
    All the best

    Midnight Couture Girls

  18. Hi pretty!! happy belated birthday, I was going to say that I hoped you had a nice birthday, but looking at these pictures I'm sure you had a perfect one! Plus you look beautiful and I totally love your outfit, those wedges are to die for!xx

  19. you are so gorgeous, and happy happy happy (belated) birthday! i love your oufit-those shoes are to die for! love them! :)


  20. Love your shoes! And I like what you did to your t-shirt!!!

  21. the shoes are gorgeous!
    please visit my blog, would be an honour!
    It's Fashion Damnit

  22. OMG I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Love your shoes! they're so cool!