Monday, July 4, 2011

Blogger Friends Meet Up

These are some of the photos from the bloggers meet up. Honey is leaving real soon and it is just sad knowing that this may be the last of it with her. At least for the next 5 years.

I will surely miss Honey. But this is definitely not the end of our friendship.

Pax, Mike, Honey, Moi, Belle, Kookie, Ava, Karl, Keigh

I love that Honey chose Omakase because I love Jap food but I really hope they don't close too early. I can't believe they take their last order at 1pm-ish. We all went to Happy Lemon after eating. I don't drink tea but I would still say I had fun and hearing how they loved it makes me wana try too. Maybe someday but right now I'm sticking to coffee drinking. =)

That's it for now loves! Have a happy Monday! =)


  1. i love that signature look mo na ang turban hehe love it!:) and wow header is gorgeous!

  2. your strappy shoes makes for a really pretty staple brown heels! =)

  3. i love to read about blogger meet ups, they seem so fun! is like gathering people with one common interest all together <3
    x, liya

  4. awww everyone just looks so chic! i love your turban as well :)

  5. SHUSHAL!!!! BAGONG HEADER!!! Hahahaha.. Love you 'te!

  6. Neat blogger meet up!

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  7. blog meet ups are always fun

  8. omg these photos r goregous and so is your outfit. i am in love with the way u styled this stunning blue dress. its such a fitting colour for u.

  9. ganda ng header! You all look fab! (but of course that's a given already!) haha!

  10. We have the same tan Janylin heels! Great minds shop alike! xx

    The Glamarazzi