Monday, August 1, 2011

3-in-one top!

Here's what I was wearing when I went out to meet Diane, my blog giveaway winner. We also went to see the holiday collection of John Paras and Reshma Chulani.

Photos taken from Rockwell leisure club.

Wearing this pleated dress as a skirt- from bangkok, thrifted top and Parisian wedges

rings from left to right: gold dot, from a random bazaar, cosmopolitan (rockwell)

This top is really something I never thought I can rock but I still took the challenge. What are safety pins there for right? =) Below is a photo of it laying flat on the floor. 3 tops in one!

It was a long day. I also went to Freyja nail and day spa afterwards. Will share my experience on a separate post.

Have a great day loves!


  1. versatile siya! hehe love it!:) Was suppose to go to John paras too, pero hindi ko kinaya ang late night sa tops haha!

  2. Cute top! It's so unique! :)


  3. you look so pretty! and i love everything you're wearing, especially that top! =)

    I Am Dollparts

  4. ang cute naman ng skirt!! like!

  5. Beautiful jewelry!


  6. pretty dress!

    xo Ashleigh

  7. hmmm interesting top! it looks so complicated but you pulled it off! and i love the skirt!

    btw thanks for dropping by my site...just followed you back! i love your style!

  8. i love your whole outfit.. the shoes, the accessories.. its all perfect and you look lovely!!

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  9. I love the outfit! That skirt is so cute!


  10. nice idea ! You're so creative ; ) I love your rings *____________*

  11. i love the outfit! the top is so cool! you look great,


  12. You look lovely! The photo of it laid out looks like batman's logo. x hivenn

  13. that top is very interesting, like three tank tops sewn together. challenging to wear!

  14. penge mokong legs mo pls. 2 inches lang.

  15. @AVA T.♥: Thanks Ava! Aww I had such a short sleep too!
    @Pineapple Monsters: Thanks love! At first first glance I knew it was going to be challenging! =)
    @CUP OF COUPLE: Thanks love! I'm actually planning to sell it. Still thinking though.. =)
    @jed: Thanks Jed! I promised a friend that I'll give it to him... It's actually more his style than mine heeh!
    @belle: Thanks Belle! =)
    @Carla McCarthy: Thanks love!
    @Ashleigh Nicole: Thanks Nicole! I actually haven't worn it as a dress! I always end up putting a top on when I wear it. =)
    @Archer: Thanks babe! I agree! it is interestinh and complicated! haha!
    @keschen: Thanks babe! That means a lot!
    @Beatrice Balaj: Thanks lovely!
    @ClouDesign and Fowzee: Thank you! =)
    @Jazzy E: Thanks love! yes it sure does look batmanish! =)
    @Mika: Korek! really interesting! I didn't wear it the way it is supposed to.. hheeeeh! I cheated using safety pins! lol!
    @Denise : babe, hindi mahaba yan sa personal! haha! If I give 2 inches to you 4 something nalang ako lol! madaya sila sa photos! =)