Monday, August 8, 2011

Project Runway Philippines Season 3 Launch

Last week I attended the launch of Project Runway Philippines season 3. The event was exclusively for press and bloggers. I was honored to have been invited. Thanks to Tessa Alviz and Kate Villena for the invitation! =)

Let me start off by showing you what I wore.

I wanted to wear something really comfy at the same time chic and weather appropriate. This printed maxi skirt was just perfect!

Okay so here's what transpired during the talk. As we all know, Project Runway Philippines is on the look for the next Filipino Fashion Designer. Set to premier on ETC in February 2012, this season is said to be more centered on Filipino pride, character, materials and culture. Their main goal is to inspire each designer to whip up something Filipino that can stand out among other global brands.

This third season sets the runway on fire as iconic Filipino model Tweetie de Leon- Gonzales takes over as the host bringing her years of experience as a model here and abroad. Joining her is Acclaimed designer Jojie Loren as mentor as well as internationally renowned designer Rajo Laurel and top model Apples Aberin as returning judges.

Let's expect more extravagant challenges, bigger celebrity guests and creme de la creme of Filipino fashion to take the spotlight. I've heard season 3 also goes "high-tech" as they partner with Asian Institute of Fashion iACADEMY which boasts of a new fashion design program that make use of modern IT tools in design. Great move right? Can't wait to see that!

Of course I didn't go by myself. I went with Pax and we were surprised to see we have matchy outfits! =) I love her expensive kind of look! A couple of agents selling a condo tried to talk her into buying and we were laughing thinking how the outfit kind of worked! haha! Achieve!!!

I had such a great time chatting with Aisa over coffee after the press lauch. See photo below, Coffeebean gave me a new name. lol!

Saw some of my friends from Solar.

Aisa and Kate

Cora was there too! =)

Photo with Pax and Tessa (my busmate back in grade school)

More photos from the lauch...

Apples rocking the dress made by Veejay Floresca.

With ETC's free TV, all of us can catch each and every episode and witness how they showcase the uniqueness of Filipino designs on the global stage. I can't wait to see who gets to own a 10-page fashion spread in Mega Magazine, P500,000.00, start up business package of 10 sewing machines, a short term fashion design course at a top European fashion school, a two month apprenticeship with Asian Institute os Fashion's top industry fashion designers and a full scholarship for a four year fashion design program at the Asian Institute of Fashion iACADEMY. February please come fast!!! =)

PS: Aisa and I were interviewed and we answered quite a few questions. You know how awkward my face looks on TV and I don't think I can ever master speaking with a camera poked in my face lol! So if you ever see the vid by chance please don't judge wahahaha!

That's it for today! Have a great day loves! =)


  1. Looks like you had a great time, I love your outfit, that maxi skirt looks fabulous!

    Alice x

  2. Rissa is just soooo gorgeous! your outfit and Aisa's too are both really beautiful! =)

  3. Love both of your outfits Aie!

  4. @Pretty Wonderful: Thanks love! Yes we did! =)
    @ghoent: She is! Thanks! =)
    @belle: Thanks babe! Hope to see you soon! I was too lazy to go to Glam Camp nung Sunday! Did you go?

  5. I LOVE the outfit!!! The maxi skirt is sooo cute!


  6. Love your outfit especially your shoes!! Amazing!!

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  7. What a beautifull long skit and shoes i love them.

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  8. So much for not wanting to wear a maxi skirt cos ure look stunning, girl!

  9. beautiful skirt! love your outfit! :)

  10. Looks like so much fun.....I love your finger nails!

  11. ah both of your outfits are just splendid! I love that skirt, truly beautiful. Looks like you had fun! :)

  12. @Dang: ikr!!! maxi kung maxi kebs na sa height lol! Midi yan sa iba for sure lol! =)

  13. Love your maxi skirt, babe.. And havey ang mga shushalin nyong outfit ni Pax. :P Miss you!

  14. Hello new follower here! You look gorgeous on that maxi, with matching JC! :)

    Hope to meet you in person along with the other bloggers :)

    Love love.

  15. Great photos! I am literally in love with the maxi motif skirt! AMAZING!

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