Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mango F/W 2011 Launch

I went to Mango F/W 2011 Launch and although I didn't get to see the entire show because of bad traffic from my place to Resorts World, I still had so much fun being around familiar faces during the event. A lot of people from the blogsphere and everyone was fasyon that night!

What I wore...

Thanks to Mark Buenaobra for the photo!

Cape by Ulysses King, Thrifted top, Leggings from some random bazaar, Shoes by Cary Santiago, Hat from Bora, Necklace from 101 newyork, rings-various

And here are some photos from the show.

Please forgive my runway shots. If you have been reading my blog for quite sometime now, you'd know how bad I am with runway shots. But I think compared to the photos from last season's fashion week these are somehow better! I'll practice more on looking through my camera screen and try not to drool on the clothes more! I always fail to take photos of the good ones when that happens! My shaky hands are also to blame. =/

Blog friends and their take on Luxe Grunge...

Vern- the guy is definitely not with her. lol!

Tracy- I love her vest!

Ava's colorful take on Luxe Grunge... love!!!

Vian. I think she's one of the winners of Aisa's Mango event pass. I love her pleated jumpsuit! It was nice to meet you babe! I also found out we went to the same school in high school! OO na! She's younger than me...

Blog sisters!

Melai and Ava caught Daryl Chang's eyes that night! =)

Nicole and Keigh


the lovely Aisa

Nicole and David

Sarah and her sexy back!

The beautiful- Raleene

Aivan- I love his boots!

Ana- stole this shot while she's being photographed by Frank...


chika chika...

Paul is always so gwapo!

Mike and his super cool leather lining top!

First time to meet Alyssa! =)

Thank you Mango for these! and Thanks to Ericka Bugia for the invitation! =)

My boofra (haha! learned the word from Mike!) took the outfit shots! Thanks a lot Lan!

That's it for today. I'm off to my sister's house to see my super cute nephews! I cooked tacos for them I hope they like it! Ciao loves!


  1. i love your boofra.. :)

  2. Loving your take on grunge too, babe! and of course winner again ang head piece!!

    oooh tacos pahingi??^_^

  3. Aww, I like your outfit, really! I love blue and I also like wearing leggings with loose scarf-like tops. :D Adding the cape is also a great!

    PS: just followed :)

  4. love your outfit that night! :) i feel so bad, my scarf was missing from my swag bag :(

  5. lovely outfit! :) love the cape! :)

  6. Famous bloggers everywhere!! How I wish to be just like you guys someday :"> You all look gorgeously fashionable! !! :D

    xo, HANIE!

  7. (So Fab heeless shoes)

    ay really they also have it in Janilyn? haii aie, the aaron's nga lang is too hard to find.

    The one I fitted in Southmall was reserved naaa! I almost just bribed the saleslady to hold it for me until payday =))

  8. What a fun event! you look very trendy and i love your hat :)

  9. great outfit! looks like such a fun event. i love mango's clothes. :)

    hope you'll visit again soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway!

    cins - design3rd