Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Join me to the Hang Ten Event

I can bring a friend to the Hang Ten special event on Sunday. We'll style a mannequin together and there will be games, cocktails, freebies and more. Comment here and leave your name and email if you want to come. =)

Please like their page here .


  1. hi aie, I would really love to come with you on this event and Im very excited to work with you! here is my email address, thank you!

  2. Aww it's always things like this that make me want to move.. nothing happens over here in the Netherlands! :( But I love love love your outfit in your previous post!

    Love, Lisa

  3. thank you a lot for your comment and for the following, but you aren't in my readers-list, maybe you can try it again?
    you have a great blog, i really love it, you looks so great and i follow you.

  4. Jessa Roque

  5. Hello sweetie!I wish I was there!Thanks for your comment and follow so much :):) :*

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  6. Hi there, Aie. I'm crossing my fingers to get randomly picked to join you in this event. My sister and I are both a fan of yours. I hope there'll be another event like this where bloggers can actually interact and have lotsa fun with their readers. More power to your blog. :)

  7. Yo Ms. Aie! :D heehee
    It would be a pleasure to come and work with you. :)

    Chal (mswanderlusterphilippines AT gmail DOT com)

  8. I really like your blog dear :)
    follow you :)

    can you check again if you followed me because my blog does not work sometimes :/

  9. hi aie, just read across your blog and we're so amazed with your quirky and colorful style!! +1 follower^^ keep up the good work! would be so great if you visit back :)
    best wishes, melle and sasa

  10. aujero_kharen- i wish I can bring more than 1 person haha! Goodluck babe!

    Lisa- come home soon!!! =)

    Alina F.- im sure it'll be fun! I am really excited... thanks for dropping by my blog love!

    fairandbeautiful.- you're welcome! Thanks too!

    JesRoque- thanks for joining! Good luck babe! =)

    amalia- ur welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog! =)

    Catherine- Thanks babe! Goodluck! If I can only bring a whole bunch Id bring everyone! lol!

    Chal- awww you guys are making me want to bring everyone! lol!

    Kristina- thanks love!

    Melsa- thanks a lot babe!

  11. Hoping to get picked! :)

    Gidjette Arguelles