Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Last Outfit Post For 2011

Can you imagine the outfit just by looking at these clues?

2011 has been such a good year for me. I have gained so many friends, work is treating me well, Allan and I are never better and I've grown closer to my family too. Of course it wasn't peaches and perfection but I surely have nothing serious to complain about. I have learned so much and I can only be grateful!

It was last year when I started interacting with other bloggers. And I'm pretty sure it was about this time of the year that I got to meet them in person. I blog because it makes me happy. Knowing that people are reading makes it worth it and gaining friends out of this is just more than what I asked for and I will always be thankful.

Here's my last outfit post for the year!

Top and sweater: My sister's, Rings: various, Necklaces: c/o Anagon and SM Accessories, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Cross necklace c/o Anagon and the spiked ones are from SM Accessories

Thanks to everyone who took their time to visit my blog this year! I will try my very best to post visit worthy blog posts! Happy New year! Let the good times overflow for 2012! =)

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Burger Project

Here's an OTD before I share my experience in Burger Project.

Top: Eunice's, Wide legged pants: SM, Turban: My own (I had it made and I'm selling some) Necklace: Parfois, Ring: Cosmo, Necklace used as a bracelet: SM Accessories

Being on vacation for a week is just what I needed! It gave me a chance to do things that I usually don't get to do. Just small things though. As small as organizing my closet, my desk, drawers-- throwing stuff. You know, things like that. Nothing really big. I actually came up with a list just to make sure I get it all done before the year ends. I love how I am able to make time for anything and everyone. The only other thing about being on vacation is the SPENDING! My pockets are cursing me right now! lol!

So about Burger Project, I went there together with my blogger friends after participating in the Sendong Relief Drive held in Moonleaf last week.

Have you been to this place before? If you haven't yet please go and try. It was my first time and I loved it. I love the idea of building your own burger. They'll give you a check list and this serves as your order form. You are to select everything that you want in your burger. The kind of bun, burger, kind of cheese, toppings and sauce.

But if you're just not that adventurous you can always pick among their list of designer burgers.

That's Ruben Lanot. He owns the place. Yeheees! Look who's on the cover! =)

The best part is you get to name your burger too! And if you like it that much you can order it again next time by giving out your burger name. How cool is that? I'll bug Allan to go with me and name a burger together. Cheesy!!! haha!

I shared a burger with Pax and we named it Paxie Corpuz -so lame! haha! But we can't think of any at that time so please forgive that. And because her hand writing sucks, the waiter came to serve our burger and said "Paxie Cutie?" What the hell? Corpuz-Cutie? haha ang layo! But if you wana try it by all means use Paxie Cutie. It has mozarella cheese, pesto sauce, jalapeno, angus beef, caramelized onions etc. Their serving is really big too. I might bring my cousins there when they visit from New York. The guys want big burgers! I'm sure they don't want to be disapointed like the last time when they ordered a "small mac" from somewhere. I don't want to mention where but ooops I think I just gave that out lol!

I said "burger" way too much in this post yes? burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger hungry yet?

If you're not too busy go to Maginhawa street. Burger Project is near Moonleaf. Enjoy your burger building experience!



Okay I'll stop now. =)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Here's what I wore on Christmas eve.

Top, belt and shorts: all from SM, Bangles and bead necklace c/o Anagon, Shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany's

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Our family had a nice dinner and then had wine and more food at 11pm. We opened our gifts at 12am just like every family does I guess.

It's always fun to spend time with kids on Christmas. I love my nephews so much and they never fail to make my day just seeing them so happy. And yes they loved my gifts! Achieve! I want to be the best tita in the world for them. =)

This cute boy was not in the mood. But guess what cheered him up! =) Kapagod ah!

Okay my turn naman! "faster!!!"

With Eunice. I changed to my ever dependable oxfords c/o Archive clothing. =)

Ken and Enzo look so happy!

Ella is my niece and she's super sungit! I was surprised when she smiled at the camera! Yes, Smile na nya yan! =)

This is my super cute nephew with his mommy, my sister, Anne. Most of the people we know from grade school and high school think we're twins. But that's just because she kept saying "Yes" when people ask if are.

My beautiful sisters with Eunice.

Goofing around with Enzo.

I told him that Santa will talk by 12am. lol! Look at that face!

This Santa is from Dapitan Arcade shopping center! I love that place! I wonder where this is going after Christmas! lol!

This is all for now. Will post an OTD later! And yes! Promise na Burger Project is up next! =)

Ciao bellas!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bloggers United x Moonleaf for Sendong Victims

Here's what I wore to the garage sale for a cause held in Moonleaf last Friday.

Bag- Liz Claiborne, scarf c/o Mango, necklace from Karma, shorts and top bazaar finds and belt from SM Accessories

I was watching the news a few days back and I've seen the heartbreaking footage of what happened in Mindanao. I was sitting and I thought- "who the hell am I and what the hell can I do?" and then I got a message from Melai of Style and Soul asking if I would want to participate in the Bloggers United Sendong relief drive. I was amazed by how quick that was. God must really want me to do something. And then I thought. I don't have to be someone so influential to help out. Anyone can do that. I got my answer so quickly and so I did.

Some photos during the event...

Thanks to Melai for letting me use her clothing rack!

That's Ana's fish bowl.

50 pesos nalang ang iphone at lumix camera na yan oh bili bili naaaa! =)

Active seller much!

Moonleaf sold books at 50 pesos each.

I sold stuff that I have left from the BU2. I had such a great time doing this together with Melai and Ana again!

I'm also very happy to meet other bloggers for the 1st time! =)

Met Helga! Love her hair!

And Angel too! She's super pretty!

Other bloggers that made it to the event.

Sarah sooo kyooot!!! I love her new hair!

We went to Burger Project for dinner after the event. I will share my burger building experience on a separate post.

Sadly I need to go to work today to make sure everything's dunzo for the month before I can enjoy my week long vacation. So ciao for now! Merry Christmas loves! =)