Friday, February 3, 2012

Burberry Cut Out Shirt

This is what I wore going to the dentist 2 days ago.

Sunnies: Rayban Aviator

Distressed Shirt: Burberry

Belt: SM

Necklaces: Anagon

Name Ring: Anagon, Shoes: Syrup, Bracelet from Boracay

I'm still recovering from a minor operation. They had to remove my impacted wisdom tooth. It's painful but I'm still glad it's all over now. I have a slight fever that comes and goes but I'm prepared for all of these. And because I'm stuck at home, I had the time to take photos of some things from my closet that are up for adoption. If you have time please go check it out. I have so much more to upload. You may check them by going to the Shop tab or simply click "Shop in Aie's closet" from the sidebar.

Ciao for now loves. My dinner is ready. I'm having soup once again but will enjoy it like it's wagyu! =)


  1. Super Yay! Love the monochromatic look :) And you're real name is Althea? AWESOME ♥

    xx Bei

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  2. Super cute shorts! They look great on you. Love those shoes too. :)

    xx Jessica

  3. the outfit is SO YAY for me!!:) Get well soon, aie!!

  4. OH MY! :) Aie you surely rocked with this "long" shorts! You look so great, babe! ♥ Hope you'll get well real soon. See you, okay? :)


  5. long shorts make me look small as well :-/ but good job pairing it with heels, it still made you look taller :)

  6. gorgeous outfit! aku benar-benar suka penampilan kamum yang ini, cantik banget, serius kak! ^^

  7. for me, nay..but for you YAYY.. they look great! love the colour blocking! xx :)

  8. Oh yayyy! Haha it's not bad at all and considering it has a very cute color plus the cute belt, too! You look good!
    Too chic for a dentist appointment, eh? :)
    I love your shoes, too. :)

  9. It looks good naman ah! :) I think as long as you wear high heels you're good to go with long shorts... (i find it odd to call it "long" while it's a "shorts" haha!)

    and ouchie... hope you recuperate soon!

    Blessings! :)

  10. YES. i love the long shorts. hope your teeth are feeling okay now!


  11. It's a yay for me! bagay sayo :)


  12. You pull them off so well! Very chic!

  13. yay! i think you look chic woman!

    come say hello-

  14. well on you definitely yay because you have the perfect figure for it, really looks fabulous on you, but for me i think nay my big bum would look even bigger haha
    your necklaces are amazing too!
    love and kiss,mary

  15. YEY for me!! it doesn't make you look shorter instead it elongate your legs look so slim and tall..very chic...loving the whole outfit..=)

  16. girl...i love your style ! :)