Monday, March 26, 2012

Parisian Shoes And Bags

I was there during the Parisian Bloggers shoot. I was happy to see how very well planned it was and how the team really prepared for this event.

First, here's what I wore.

Sunnies by Lulu Guinness

Gold collar tips from Plusminustimesdivide

These gold bangles pulled up to my sleves to match the collar tips are from Anagon.

Name ring from Anagon, Plastic ring from Girlshoppe

Parisian purse

Parisian wedges

When I got there I was asked to register and by register they meant hair and makeup.

My pre-chosen shoes were sitting pretty on the table when I got in. I love how they added a personal touch to it by putting our names on. Clothing racks were provided as well. It was such lovely set up!

I was asked to choose a bag from the Parisian bag wall before the shoot. Choosing just one was not easy. They have pretty bags out this season. So if you haven't yet go check it out if you can. =)

Cocktails and food were served by Bizu during the event. I loved it!

Let me show you the set. Nikko Villegas made this easier for me because he would tell me what to do and what looks good. I am also most thankful to Bobby Carlos for working his magic on me. He made me look exactly how I want to look. And the bangs heeh! That's the fun part!

I am glad to have experienced this together with my other bloggers friends. I will post the photos from the shoot as soon as I get it. =)

Tracy, Ava, Moi and Marielle of PArisian

Tracy, Ava, Krissy and moi

This time with Ana.

Let me end this post by showing you the other pair that I got from Parisian.

Many thanks to the Parisian team for doing this for us and for being super nice the whole time! It means a lot! =)

That's it for tonight! Ciao for now loves! Have to get up very early for work. **beso-beso-bow


  1. oh darling i love love love what you wore! the blue blouse with leopard details is sooo gorgous! and those shoes are amazing!

  2. great post! I love your shirt and those gold ends on your collar!

  3. it looks like a nice event:)

  4. Great event dear! I love your outfit and hair :) Well done

  5. sister! love your bangs! :)

  6. Love the outfit! :)
    Hey, you look like a doll in your cute hairstyle! <3

  7. Parisian's such a generous brand! :) Excited for the outcome of your shoot, guys! You all look gorgeous sa BTS pa lang! Miss you Aie!


  8. Seems like an amazing day & event :) You all girls look so adorable. Gorgeous shoes and bags, oh dear ! ^^

    - Indie by Heart

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  9. you look so pretty! :) Aand i love your outfit! :)


  10. You're always pretty Aie. :') Gusto ko na tuloy magpa-bangs. >.<
    Bet ko ang outfit! Love ko talaga ang Parisian, affordable na, stylish pa! :)

    God Bless! ü


  11. now i want to go to the nearest SM and buy myself some parisian shoes!!! :>

  12. ohh you look stunning! Love this outfit so much!
    please visit me in free time:)

  13. This looks like it was a really great experience! Love the colorblocking in your outfit and the shoes are so cute!

  14. You're so lucky to be part of Parisian's pictorial! I love your sheer top, btw :)

    The Girl with Golden Hair

  15. fine photos ; ]]]

  16. I sincerely like your photos and your blog is just gorgeous!!
    Sending loads of love and following via Bloglovin :)


  17. Absolutely love everything about this look! So inspiring!

  18. very cute outfit! love the leopard trim on the blouse

  19. Love your pics, love this style!!
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  20. Your outfit is so beautiful.
    You are very lucky to be invited to all those events :)

  21. OMG the shoes are so yummy! and i can't shop for more...hahaha.

    love your collar tips and the color-blocked outfit. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  22. Aie's shoes is very fashinable.I looks so pretty.

  23. fantastic outfit!!love the shorts!

  24. Oh my gosh, your OUtfit is awesome and on of the best, i´ve seen for the last time! Everything you wear is beautiful! Especially your blouse with the amazing leopard details, and your bag!! Wow Wow Wow!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  25. Love your outfit! and the wedges are really cute!!!

    hope you could visit my blog, Aie :)

  26. loving this outfit! the mix of color and patterns is amazing!

  27. What a great event, thanks for sharing the photos! And I love what you wore, all your accessories are amazing.

    xo, alison*elle

  28. fab event! those Parisian shoes are gorgeous!


  29. Hi Aie, just want to know if the wedge your wearing is already out in the market. Thanks! They are so gorgeous.

  30. The parisan shoes color and style is wonderful.Awesome outfit!!!

  31. You have a lovely sense of style and a beautiful blog! Please check out mine, maybe we can follow each other?:)

  32. These photos are amazing, you look stunning! :) So glad I found your blog, following!

    xo, Megan

    indie flower

  33. The colorblocking in your outfit and the shoes and purse are so cute! Shoe bag