Monday, August 18, 2014

A Few Inches Taller

I have been lazy when it came to dressing up. I think this is also because I stopped blogging for a while. Although there are occasional work outfits posted in Instagram, it still feels different having photos taken once again. It felt awkward doing this after roughly 2 years (has it been that long?) . I'm not sure if this is even blog worthy for you.

So what have I been busy with while I wasn't blogging? Work is one. A big chunk of my time daily is spent in the office. Not that I hate it, I'm actually really enjoying it, and I'm happy with the people I work with. I'm learning a lot of different things from different people which is why I love what I do. In fact, I think I like what I do better than ever. Or maybe, just maybe, I've learned to really appreciate everything that I have.

During this nth hiatus, I realized that I'm the worst multitask-er ever. I'm not very good at dealing with so many things at once. I have to stop and deal. I think to make it simple, I've been really busy enjoying my "me-time". Time not spent worrying about anything. No one to please. I didn't care about too many things. I stopped putting too much pressure on myself (or at least I try everyday). I tried dreaming instead of planning. I've spent my money on things that will make me happy and not feel guilty about it. I've spent time with people that are happy to see me happy. People that are happy to see me successful. I chose to spend time with people with genuine friendship and love. Spent time not caring too much about what I'm wearing and not worrying to miss out on events or worry about how I can keep up with the world, no pressure. It was a good break. It felt like growing up a few inches taller. And now I'm back because I was reminded about why I blog in the first place. I blog because it makes me happy. Here are some photos of myself trying to look like a fashion blogger in lazy basic pieces.

I wore this yesterday before heading out to meet my sisters for mass and early dinner. The hat is there to hide them black roots!

Hat from SM Accessories // knitted top from Cotton On // Denim pants from Bench (I love this a lot!) // Shoes from Payless Shoe Store // Bag from Prada

I wore my everyday accessories. I'm into investing on accessories of value. I guess the older you get the more you want value for your hard earned money. Although I still can't stop drooling on some rare cool ones, I really can't remember the last time I bought a statement necklace or anything like it. The beaded bracelet was a gift from a friend last Christmas.

Mixed my name necklace with my turquoise glass beads.

Shoes from Payless. I got it for less than 1k. Score! ;)

And lastly, the bag that I will love forever.

Okay I'm off to head back home so I can make it on time for my favorite soap- SBPAK. So what? Don't judge. haha! Bye loves!