Sunday, August 3, 2014

Forgot Password?

This is a photo taken a while back when I went to Palawan with my family. Forgive the quality, I used my phone for this shot.

I know it's been a while. My blog just had to rub it off my face when I realized I have forgotten my password. I  know I should not start this off by gushing about how time flies. I feel like I do that every time I come back from a long vacation.

I wanted to post a photo diary here just to show what kept me busy while I was inactive in the blogsphere. But I thought I'd just share my Instagram account. Thanks for making that easier!

It feels great to be typing using this old familiar keyboard. I browsed though my past blogs quickly and I can't help but be reminded of the leaps I have taken in the not so distant past. A lot happened. There were some wins and losses. A lot of tests to the character and lessons to keep. I'd like to believe that I have stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways and I let my guards and walls down more and more often. It's a welcome break to monotony and it feels really great to be truly happy.

I am planning to share more and celebrate more wins with you again from now on. Taking cue from this promise, Let me end this blog post for I need to drop by the laundromat for my Sunday duties and head off to my sister's house for dinner.

Happy to be back! Until the next blog post my loves. Happy Sunday!


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