Friday, July 2, 2010


So I went shopping in Megamall today. I left the house early to make it on time as it opens exactly 9:30am. I got there 10ish and was not shocked to see a really long line outside the store. I didn't make it to the first 250 customers to get a coupon. I wasn't aiming for that anyways but if I did get one by chance I would have been happier. Well i didn't really pay much attention to the clothes today. There's too many people around and I couldn't concentrate plus I am not "THE" expert shopper who can buy clothes without actually fitting "not fitting them" i mean- all 34 fitting rooms were taken and there's more than 50 people with more than 3 items in line. But of course with the fabulous belts and sun glasses, neck pieces to die for and those wallets and purses I left the store with a happy-shopper smile. One piece of advice: bring your best shopping buddy to chat with while waiting in line. I brought mine and I had such a great time! =) Shout out to Eunice!

pics to follow...


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