Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This pink cheetah print PJs are the most comfy I have. I love the color and the texture makes me wake up in the morning wanting to go back in bed again.

The photo was taken from the hallway of a hotel we stayed in when I went to HK. It was way too cold than I expected that’s why I had to get some hot tea to keep me warm.

Anyway back to my PJs. I did something really funny that Allan can’t get over with. Check out the pictures below:

Do you recognize the scarf? Ok I was not expecting that it was way too cold in HK at that time. I ran out of scarves to use but no one can tell anyway right? So thanks to La Senza for creating a stylish pair of pajamas like this. If that happens to be the usual with some sort of kiddie print with sheeps and all I probably froze to death.

Have a great day lovelies! =)


  1. hahaha... very resourceful Ü

  2. Hi Kat! Correct! Allan kept laughing when I told him about it while walking out the hotel room!

  3. I gotta keep this in mind. Haha! But but but but I hafta say I LOVE YER JACKET!!