Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Someone from work caught sore eyes. I remember having it and I had to patiently wait an awfully long time to finally wake up in the morning and open my eyes freely. And because I had it first I get the blame whenever someone gets it. Lol!

Below are some pictures when I had it. Of course that didn’t stop me from shopping with Eunice. Check out my new toy necklace. I got this from Rockwell bazaar. I got the bag that I wanted from Tory Burch too! Happiness! =)

You can also check they sell accessories online.

Picture taken by a friend using his phone. This was taken when I got the bag.

I used it the very next day!

My messy closet

Eunice got the owl ring. I love the back detail of her top!

Small things make me happy! I am excited to shop this friday! I'm going shopping with my sister, Eunice and my cousin. It's going to be a happy Friday!

Signing off for now! Sweet dreams fashionistas! =)


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