Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been in love with Evita Peroni for quite some time now. I remember buying a small clamp there and broke it the next day. I came back to the store and asked them if they can still fix it. After making an attempt they finally decided to just replace it. Since it was one of a kind they asked me to choose something else. That made me love EP more. Not only do they have irresistible fabulous designs in accessories they also provide great customer service. Below are some pictures of a few items that I got from EP Eastwood.

Some pictures taken wearing them...

This Evita Peroni hairbrush was given to me free of charge for spending P3,500 on a single receipt.

Today I passed by “Egg” to check on some jewelry box. I know they sell really promising ones. To my surprise I saw headbands exactly the same as the ones sold in Evita Peroni! Only difference is that they sell it for only P350! To my dismay I looked at the sales lady and asked where these items were made. She didn’t know. I hated the concept of imitation and I started thinking of ways to tell EP about this so they can do something about it.

On my way home I remember getting a pair of jelly sandals that looked exactly like the one I have been dying to have from TOD’s. They were selling it for P11,900+ and I got mine for only P250 of course without the brand. It was sold with a different brand in SM department store. Same everything but the brand. See pictures below:


A gift from my fairy God mother

So I guess I can call it quits. It pays to check around when shopping. Egg can get away with it. All I know is that nothing can beat the feeling of having Evita Peroni on.


  1. love the collection! more more EP! Ü

  2. They have new ones out but now I'm thinking about holding off on spending too much. I'll probably look around first... lol! nakakadismaya ung egg!