Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend we meet again!

Spent the weekend just the way I like it. I enjoyed shopping with Eunice Friday afternoon and my series marathon kept my friday night booked until dawn.

I went out to have breakfast with friends the next day. We always make it a point to meet and catch up once in a while and breakfast on a Saturday fits all of our busy schedule. I didn't get the chance to ask everyone out because it was more of an impromptu invitation. Breakfast with Kat and Kiko over a great conversation and a whole lot of mahjongerang tawa was great to start the day.

Lately I'm into jelly footwear.

From Kiko with LOVE...

Played with Kiko's laptop

It's always nice to have great friends whom you can talk just about anything and everything about while you get exempted from pure judgement of the world. Shoutout to Kiks and Kat!


  1. I hear you. Hehehe. I had major fun my dear. Till next time. I love you. TC!

  2. of course! Ü basta saturday breakfast.. Ü

  3. yay! ok let's do it again! love you both! =)