Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeping a friendship is easy when you have the best

I went out with Coney today. She's a very good friend of mine since highschool. I had so much fun! We have been planning to meet up for quite some time now and finally we made it. I was sporting that jelly sandals again (flavor of the week!). Coney actually noticed it. She's a fashionista hiding in that white uiniform on weekdays. I told her where she can get it. They also have it in gray and black. I wanted the gray one but they didn't have it in my size.

I was also sporting my name necklace as inspired by Carrie. I haven't used this for a long time.

Coney plans to get one of her own. We'll go together since I want to get a two finger name ring for myself too. I promise not to wear them together so I won't look like a lost kid.

Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow is going to be a lo----ng day!


  1. yesterday was super fun!para lang tayong the buzz!hahaha omygod.nakakatuwang malaman na meron akong kakambal sa takbo ng love know what i mean!haha i forgot to tell you how pretty you are and im proud of you kasi ang ganda ng nangyare sa buhay mo kahit deep inside alam naman nating minsan nalulunod pa rin tayo sa kumunoy!eww.tama na,kasi we promised na titigilan na natin ang mga "low life" na yun. :) basta whatever happens ill always be here for you.i love you so much aie. :) at ang panget ko dun sa last pic.para akong dabyana! :(

  2. wow thanks coming from you that's very flattering dahil mapanglait ka ahaha! Anyway, making better choices is the one most important thing I have learned the hard way. Ikaw din naman eh you're off to a good start =)I'm excited to see you again! Go full bangs!

  3. I have a Carrie necklace and I'm sorry to say that yours is very poor quality. besides the not so nice font it is not professionally cut. Check out for top quality name necklaces and even the 2 finger name ring!

  4. Thanks Carrie! I'll check that out! I hated the font too but what can I do? I got that years ago I guess that's the downfall in personalized stuff. You gotta pay for it once all done no matter what. I'm planning to go to Ongpin to get my name ring done. They said they can do it while you wait and if you don't like it you can have it changed right there but you gotta wait some more.. =)