Saturday, October 16, 2010


After work I headed to Megamall with Allan to check out what's on sale in Forever 21. I'm not really a big fan of Megamall. I find it disorganized. Shops are everywhere and restos are here and there. But because it is where F21 is then I am left with no choice.

I was there during the opening of the store and witnessed a very long line so I did expect to see the same. I was right! Instead of waiting in line we headed to Chefs' Quarter to grab dinner and by the time we were back line was gone! Yeah just like that! I was happy and sad knowing a lot of people took the best ones before me. And again good for my pocket! =) I finally got the shredded top I've been wanting to get. I was planning to get a pair of shoes but changed my mind last minute.

I promised myself not to post the pics because I will be wearing them during fashionweek but I am really excited about showing you 2 pairs of shoes I got from prp yesterday. It was a great deal and I'm very excited to rock it! =) I know I promised not to buy from PRP anymore but I cant help it. I started going back when I've heard they sell shoes that are exactly the same as Michael Antonio's. Only difference is the price! *wink*

For one second I thought Divisoria was moved to Megamall

Chaos in Forever 21

The brown one I got for only 799 pesos. I love that it's studded!

Black glads that looks exactly like the one in Michael Antonio - I just died and went straight to shoe heaven!

I kind of played with the straps a bit...

How was your shopping experience? 2 days to go! goodluck ladies! =)

Oh my gosh I just wanted to share how happy I really am today! I went to Michael Antonio today and found the exact same glads that I got! Same everything as in! I got mine for ***drumroll*** P1190 and they are selling it for a sale price of P2500. Happiness! =)Ok now I'm going to bed! Goodnight beckys!


  1. wow aie! i love the shoes!!!!!!!!! -teen

  2. Thanks Teen! You still have time girl! They're on sale until Sunday. =)

  3. Is there a size 41 ??? - Rowie

  4. Hi Rowie go there and check it out! I hope they do =)

  5. yi i like the brown one!! gosh! meron pa kaya?

  6. Hey Kat! I think so, go check it out. check their branch in Eastwood too. =)

  7. Lurve the Black Strappy Shoes.

    Shoegasm Alert! Ahaha!

  8. Thanks Kiko! I'll wear that on PFW! I sent you a PM in FB. =)

  9. there is forever21 in eastwood?

  10. OMG! Really? I'll bring my cam. =)

  11. Hi Kat! I really wish there is! Megamall is by far where forever21 is. But If you were referring to the brown studded platforms then that one is from PRP not forever21. Check mo baka meron sa eastwood =)