Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes I love Parisian! Hey don't judge yet...

They surely have great finds in there! Over the years Parisian was there for us whenever we need a pair of shoes to wear just for a night. Used for attending weddings and what not. But have you seen Parisian lately? If you haven't then brace yourselves and visit any SM department store. You'll be surprised to see L-O-V-E! =)

They have very stylish yet inexpensive shoes. And when I say stylish I mean really good ones. So I went back to Megamall last Saturday after being knocked out for rumagging the racks in FOREVER21 Friday night. I was with my sister and Eunice.

My sister wanted to have coffee first so we headed to Starbucks pearl drive. I had to prep them for the chaos in Megamall. My sister backed out I think I scared her lol! I should have lied! So I went there with Eunice instead.

Look what I found! I got it 50% off and was only P450. I died again! I will be pairing it up with a mustard belt for sure. I may be wearing them after months. I don't want to wear them and walk by someone with the exact same thing. lol! That's just the downfall of buying there. You'll never know who else has it. Since it is inexpensive everyone can grab a pair considering the fact that it's mass produced. Ok enough of that let's go back to the fun part. Check it out! =)

I wasn't the one wearing them on this picture. I had Ara, a very good friend friend of mine, wear it. I just had to see it worn by her. She's so white! =)

There I was! yuck emote much?

I also recently got a few accessories from F21 I haven't shown you yet. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the butterfly ring was "What will Mariah say?" lol!

and this is another 2-finger ring to be added to my collection. =)

back to Parisian...

Here are a few Parisian shoes that caught my eye.
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Ok now judge away! =)


  1. I'm so inlove with your shoes and rings! :D

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you do! We should go back there when it's peaceful and all... =)