Sunday, October 31, 2010



I was too disappointed when I found out that I have to go on a night shift for the next 4 weeks making me have to cancel my plans for attending the shows during fashion week. But how can I afford to miss this one?

My sister's husband happens to know the owner of Jelly Bean and Folded and Hung and he said he had us listed under the VIP list yipee yay! I had to run to SMX before going to work. Who cares about getting 4 hours of sleep?

I went there with Eunice. Here are a few pics. I did not get to take too much. There's a bunch of blurry ones but below are decent enough to make it here. =)

While there was chaos outside there's natchos and drinks inside. =)

And of course it is impossible not to run into Mikee during events like this. Shout out to you Mikee! =)

I enjoyed both shows although of course they're a little different. The crowd was just crazy. Jelly bean was all cute. Sugar and spice, tulle skirts, floral and cotton candy colors. Folded and hung on the other hand was all about being hot and cold at the same time.

I was deeply entertained by the finale worn by Maja Salvador and Anne Curtis. What a way to start my day! Off to work after the show. 10 minutes late boo!

Studded top from SM department store
Trousers from Mongkok HK
Glads from PRP


  1. nice outfit yi! so love it! Ü

  2. Thanks Kat! You should join next time! I had fun but i really wish you were there...