Tuesday, November 2, 2010


-shredded top from Forever21
-black leather wrap belt from Terranova
-the skirt was something I found during closet clean up. I think I used that for a stage play back in HS
-glads from PRP (favorite?!)
-red rose from SM homeworld! I cut the stem out and used a hair pin to hold it. =)

So after attending the Jelly bean and Folded and Hung show I realized that I can endure the pain of having less sleep than normal (by normal I mean more than 8 hours!) before going to work. Apparently 4 weeks of doing night shift aint over yet. Gahhh!

I got an invitation to Richie Bondoc's show, Premiere B collection and Oscar Go's. I was able to attend at least one show for the day (Oct 30).

Below are a few photos. I was with Kiko, Mac, Jaycel and Sharon. Too bad Eunice didn't make it. But at least Kiko's friend, Jaycel was able to use the invitation. =)

There's tito Boy! =)

I suck at taking runway shots too bad I can't show you how great the clothes were. Lizanne Cua's collection was more of a dress shirt paired with red stockings. Aloida Cecilia's collection was more of gray flowy fabric, Emily Sy used tutus and ruffles, Joyce Pilarsky was my favorite. She incorporated all her accessories to the clothes and it looked really fab. I love the finale and the colorful swimwear looked great in the runway too.

It was a great experience. I really had fun and I also got a few good ideas too! I bet all is ready for Spring/Summer 2011. So how was your Fashion week experience?


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