Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A day of spontaneity

I woke up thinking about what Kiko told me before going to bed. He said i could bug him anytime in case I get bored. I was chatting with him with one eye opened before my world ended last night.

So I did exactly as suggested and the next thing I know we were on our way to the mall for some chika over dinner. =) That's what I like about Kiks being single. You can bug him anytime and having a dull moment is just IMPOSSIBLE!

Please forgive the bunch of blurry photos. I didn't get to grab my camera on the way out. I used my sorry ass phone for these. Hey at least I made an effort. bow! =)

We had dinner at Kabisera, Powerplant mall.

He grabbed a few stuff from Fully booked. Here's what caught my eye!

I'll be out in a bit. I'm off to get the TV that I spotted from Eastwood mall the other day! I hope it's still there! Wish me luck! =)


  1. As long as I'm single, I'm all yours dear. Ahahaha. : )

  2. hehe! mag boyfriend ka na nga ulit! try lang natin ang time mgt skills mo!