Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I don't always prioritize!

After work I headed to Eastwood to buy the TV that I spotted the other day. It was just a small LCD TV decent enough for my tiny place, the place which is currently under construction by the way. In a normal world you'd probably buy a couch first or something else but I was really taking advantage of the season's sale in the appliance section so--voila! I guess I'll be watching TV while getting cozy on the floor! gahhh!

While Allan was gone checking out on something, I found these while waiting for him in Ginger snaps. Look at how lucky these kids are nowadays. They can be fashionistas at an early age! I remember looking like crap when I was a kid. lol!

This blazer even have shoulder pads!

Back to the appliance center...I spotted these electric fans which are just beautiful! Too bad the price is as beautiful as they are. Boo! I want this for Christmas! ehem! haha!

I wish I had all the money to buy everything that catch my eye! I've heard someone won the 700 million pot money in the lottery! I will envy that person forever! On the brighter side bonus pay is already out. For some, it means buying gifts for family and friends this Christmas, for me it shouts "construction money".

I hope I didn't bore you with my thoughts. Goodnight fashionistas!

Top from Mongkok
Jeggings from greenhills
Flats from Parisian


  1. Wow! Crisostomo's! I ate there before, the food was divine but the price is soooo (You know what I mean. Ahaha). I love the way they named their food, it's so very El Fili and Noli. Hehe

    PS: Where's the of your new LCD? Ready for DVD marathon? : )

  2. Nako d ko na pinicturan! nakakahiya kala mo nmn ang laki! wahaha! yes we'll do that for sure! I have to move first so sana magawa na sha =) cu soon Kiks! =)