Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Village

It is the time of the year again. Allan and I brought Ken, my nephew, and Martina, his niece, to Eastwood City Walk. It was supposed to be a kids-day-out kind of thing but turned out to be some sort of a double date. lol!
Only difference between a real double date is that they have their yayas tagged along. Cute! =)

Allan and I went to Burgos Circle to have our moment of peace after bringing the kiddos home.


Last year we brought Ken to the Christmas Village too. Below are some photos from last year. =)

We went to BHS afterwards.

I hope more kids join this tradition next year...

Here's my lookbook post.

Wearing my DIY shorts; tank top from greenhills; stripped blazer from Peanutbutter and Jeri; chucks- but I changed to my ever comfy old rose flats


  1. it looks like such a fun date with the kiddies! :) cute bag btw!!


  2. love your shorts and jacket. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.xx

  3. I love, love Christmas but it also makes me sad to be far away from family back home!

    These photos are lovely!

  4. Thanks! Yes it was really fun Reg! =)

    heyrocketgirl, xoxo

    Kiko, I know we should hang out soon!

    Alina and 20York st, Thanks loves!