Sunday, February 6, 2011

They Paint The World Red

I met up with some of my fellow bloggers for the very first time. It felt surreal. It was great to actually see them in action and chat with them without typing. lol!

It's funny how we all just started to talk without the need for an introduction. Some of them introduce themselves associated with their blog names while I shared how I'm trying really hard to find a name for my blog. I only have my name to start with since I am kind of new to this but that's such a lame excuse. I should come up with something soon. Self stress ala Daddy Ebong! =)

Here are some photos courtesy of Honey, Ava and Krissy. Thanks again for allowing me to steal them! heeh!

Photos from Red Mango, Mr. Jones and Cubao Expo! It was crazy in cubao-x that night but we had so much fun! The place was filled with really artsy people. Meiday is indeed a cool event! Thanks to Alan's grill for accommodating us! (ding! promoting!)

Athan mi amore!

Everyone was fab! I find all of them looking even more beautiful in person. I would love to really get to know each of them along the way. I am very very excited about the garage sale! You all should watch out for that. (ding! promoting again!) ;p

I have yet to meet the others who did not make it! Thanks to Honey for organizing this! I am happy and sad knowing that she's leaving soon! I feel like I have known her for a long time already because her blog has been a daily read to me.

To wrap this up, let's see how I can describe them in a word or two...

flawless Ava
Sexaaaay Honey
Raleene the goddess
Reg the doll
Fierce Mike
Artsy Ana
Crazy Aisa (she's super funny!)
Sweet Krissy
Danah and Stacy - sexy inspiration
Lovely Cathy

Do visit their blogs and paint your world too! =)


  1. It was FUN FUN FUN Aie! :))) Nice to finally meet you! Sayang hindi nako naka cubao ex! :P Till next meet up!!! :)) You look great, btw! :)))

  2. aww super sweet post, aie!:) I'm really glad I finally met you! Cheers to more of these!! Can't wait for the garage sale!

  3. Lovely pics! I can see you had fun! :)
    Xoxo, K.

  4. this post is great!
    style,style & style
    xoxo =P

    Sil (from spain)

  5. awwwwwww, sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. you all have amazing shoes I love them! your blog is very nice! check out my blog if you want and we can follow each other if you would like:)

  7. Meron ka naman name ah! In Aie's shoes diba? Hehe.. Kaloka, dapat maulit ito!!! Tama ka when you said "It was great to actually see them in action and chat with them without typing".. For a change naman diba!! Haha!! :)

  8. Sweet entry!!! Aie, I find you really pretty. And I couldn't stop myself from reading your blog so natapos ko sya ng isang magdamag. Updated nako now! Heeeee <3 It was nice meeting you. :)

  9. aww!!! <3 it was super nice to meet everyone talaga! kilig! :3 hehe! can't wait til the next time we all hangout again :)

  10. awww. i'm so jealous. i want to attend get togethers like this, too :( but i'm new to fashion blogging so i guess i'm going to have to earn an invitation to one of these :p

    thank you for following my blog!it's such an honor!i followed you back because you are an amazing blogger and we have the same wedge booties :))

  11. looks like so much fun! too bad i missed this =(

  12. and u just had to dub me the goddess? hay. haha it was so nice meeting you!!!!! see you soon yeah :) fun fun!