Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where's my Coke?

I went out with Eunice yesterday. We originally wanted to drop by Jhajing's store but ended up going to Eastwood to meet up with my sister. It was great to have a good conversation over fries, chicken and coke! heeh! I love Stackers! And yes, I don't watch what I eat. Eunice talked about her suitors while I reminisce about my good old days haha!

So yesterday we took some pictures for a blog outfit post before leaving but I was too lazy to post it when I got home.

So here they are...

top from some random shop in HK/ diy shorts/ preview boots/ tory burch canvas tote/ rings from jhajing and forever21

I ended the day by having dinner with Allan. I'm loving the coldness at night lately and having soup in PHO HOA was just perfecto.

PS: I am back to watching HOUSE again. I think I am crushing on Greg House lol! There's something wrong with me! =)

I am off to Greenbelt to meet my fellow bloggers today! I am really excited to meet everyone! =) Shout out to HOney A. Thanks for the invitation! =)


  1. Ayyyy!!! Bet ko ang hat mo 'te!! <3 See you later!!! Yeheeeyyy!!! :D

  2. oh my, im totally in love with this look!
    and awww, so jealous of the bloggers meet-up!
    how i wish i can finally meet you girls!
    send my love from cebu!

  3. What a casual yet cool outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  4. hey gorgeous! bet ko yung rings mam!