Saturday, March 19, 2011

The New Taste Of Chocolate

Summer heat has officially kicked in! I checked my calendar to see how far I have to prepare for my trip to Bora! I am really looking forward to it! Ahh and I still can't forget about the cover up I was eying for from the "Chocolate Clothing" event that I have attended last week with Honey and Aisa.

Here are some photos of the dresses that we tried on. I am in love with the cover up and that hat! The blue dress is now lying comfortably in my closet. =)
photo credits: Honey Andrade

I also like the dress that Aisa tried on. The peach dress is now one of Honey's babies!

Left photo shows what Aisa and I were originally wearing during the event. I was wearing a plain black long sleeves top from Giordano and thrifted houndstooth skirt. I paired it with my black Terranova obi belt and black laced up Parisian Jrs.

Here are some dresses you might want to check out from Chocolate...

Sass- the pretty boho with casual pieces that can take u from day to night

Lolitta- tough luxe, body hugging silhouettes. Mighty arsenal for every woman's closet

Fate- the "older sister" of Sass, a more mature brand that focuses on comfort, high quality materials, fun appliques and fine finishes

Aztec Rose- beautiful resort wear from flattering swimwear you'll need for our country's long, hot summer days to sexy chalet wear, a light winter range that can keep you stylishly comfortable during the cooler months of the year

They are cooking something big for all Chocolate lovers this April. Check this out! =)

I went out to see a movie with Allan but we ended up enjoying a great conversation over coffee and "DIY store" shopping again. We ended the day having drinks with my sister and her friends in Distillery. I need a shut eye! Tom again loves! =)


  1. super pretty ng dresses sayo, aie!:)

  2. Blue looks great on you!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  3. great pictures :D love ur blog :D im a filipino too :D