Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reward Your Battered Feet!

Yesterday I went out to meet some friends for breakfast and then to Eastwood afterwards to visit my nephews. I wanted to wear the blue dress that I got from Chocolate but I ended up wearing my dress shirt instead to save it for a more special occasion.

oooops look at my not so ready for the camera face lol!

Dress from Eastwood bazaar/ belt from SM/ wedges from Janilyn/ bag- Tory Burch

My friend, Chloe hosted breakfast this time. I had so much fun! =)

I looked around Eastwood mall to check if the floral flats I saw from Penshoppe's facebook page is already available. Too bad they don't have it yet but the lady was nice enough to suggest that I drop by Megamall to check.

I rushed to Mega before going home and guess what? The floral flats are gone! They sell really fast! Well I'm not surprised because it does look chic and the price doesn't hurt at all. With a wide range of choices, I still went home a very happy shopper. Here's what I got for myself for only P579! Stripped babies! I am loving it so much!

If you haven't seen the new Penshoppe I suggest that you pay them a visit! I had so much fun going through the racks of beautiful clothes and bikinis yesterday. I felt the aura of youth, fun, and hipness. There is much more than t-shirts and jeans. They now offer a wide range of designs that can be mixed, matched.

The new Penshoppe

Some BTS shots...

And here are more flats to choose from. I tried them on and It's really comfy!

I have to have this! =)

That's about it for now. I am scheduled to do some "Oxygen" shopping today! I'll post about that experience next! =)


  1. yey!! love your penshoppe flats!:) and your gorgeous tory burch bag and shoes!

  2. looove your outfit and your hair! need to visit penshoppe asap!:))

  3. wow! I love your outfit! the colours are great!
    nive post!



  4. wooow, what a great and crazy shoes! It's so amazing to watch your style, and see how U are living in Philipine! :)) I'm from Poland :)

    great blog, I'll be dropping by more often :)

  5. So lovin' your Janilyn wedges! :D

    Lee of Caffeinated Epiphanies
    [Lomo Camera/Bag+Connector Ring Giveaway!]

  6. i went to two penshoppes and they aren't carrying the flats collection! will check on mega.. thanks for the info :)

  7. love your outfit :)
    Love your shoes! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. Tory Burch makes wonderful bags, clothes, etc.
    I love the shoes!!!!!!!!
    Great blog :)

    PS: I recently did an interview with a wonderful up and coming designer, do check my blog out when you get a chance.

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

  9. OMG, you look fab! love the blue and green together...and the shoes are hot!

  10. I love the shoes you're wearing! Also great buy from Penshoppe!

  11. love ur outfit ! and ur shoes !!!

  12. You use the Colour Block tendance :), are an amazing outfit!

  13. amaaazing pictures! these photos are amazing :) which camera did you take them with

    thanks for the lovely comment!
    hope you'll visit/follow

  14. waaaha!! all this realy nice shoes and dresses at the end.. in the middle everywhere! .. make me want far too much things for summer! I gonna go shopping. ^^

    and thx for leaving comment ♥

  15. loove your shoes on the top!!xx

  16. Adore your wedges! This post reminds me, I'm overdue for some serious shoe shopping :)

    A Fictional Blog

  17. The colorful shoes are perfect with the shirt-dress.


  18. Ur wedges are uber nice! ^^
    Do join my Birthday Giveaway,

  19. those flats are so adorable! love them all!

  20. excited about your oxygen shopping story, as i love their clothes!

  21. your outfit is realy beautiful and I like the colours you've mixed together =)

    Shall we follow each other? Let me know =)

  22. love your attire! cute colors!! :)

    followed :)

    -Mandi G

  23. Aww you look super sweet.. and those flats are adorable too! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  24. AIE! I just found your blog through Pax. I am now putting you in my blog roll ;) In loooove with your shoes!

  25. Hi Aie... John here. Nice blog... you're now on my list of blogs to visit daily. naks!

    I agree, Penshoppe has a lot of great stuff now. So does Oxygen. Cheers to Pinoy fashion.