Monday, May 16, 2011

Oxygen - PFW

It was great to see the clothes which we got to try on even before Fashion Week. Ana and I were in awe seeing how they styled it for the show.

Here's what I was wearing...

With the girls after the show.

Many thanks to Ed for the invitation!

And now the runway shots I scored from FB. =) I just can't use the ones I took because the photos are too red. I promise to work on that and will show you progress next season.

It was quick but I had a blast! I met up with Allan and had dinner in Mexicali, Greenhills. It was nice to just spend time with him and not rush! lol! We were always in a rush the entire week just to make it to the shows during PFW. Coming straight from work, I tell you it wasn't easy. But I always feel like it's all worth it by the end of every show. And we both are happy to have that excuse to eat out the entire week lol! =)

I didn't go to the after party anymore but I've heard it was a great one! Sana pala nag drop by akoooo! But I know there's always a next time. =)

Ciao for now loves! Candies show up next!


  1. cute bright blue shorts!! :) and too bad i wasn't able to see oxygen. haha ;P

  2. love your outfit, aie!!:) and forever young ka talaga!

  3. I felt the same! I came straight from work, too. I missed the Luxewear show because I had to work till 6. :( BTW, I love your top! It's very flamboyant, what with the sleeve details and all. You look really pretty!

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  4. you look so pretty! love the color of your hair! there are so many pieces in this collection that i want to buy already! :)

  5. OMG! Love the short! Too cute!


  6. Love your outfit there Aie! The shorts really made a statement!