Sunday, September 18, 2011

Port 88 - Day 1

Today was a very long day! This is actually my first time to officially participate in a bazaar besides Blogger's United last May. I realized how much time and effort it really require in order to put everything together. We had to be there really early for the set up. So much to do so I opted to wear my ever dependable boots in my anticipation to the need of a lot of walking. I also decided to wear my diy cropped top. It was actually my dad's shirt. I always find comfort wearing his shirts. =)

My bazaar set up work outfit...

At dito nahangin ang hat ko at napunta sa putikan! Fail! umow-td pa kase lol!

I am too tired right now but I mean happy-tired! Thanks to everyone who dropped by! It was nice to meet new people from the blogsphere and I am so glad to see some of my very good friends too!

Here are photos to show you how my day went. Thanks to Allan for taking pics while we were all in tindera mode!

My sister and my nephews came by. I love them to bits! Notice the change of outfit? heeeh! I suddenly felt under dressed without the hat...

I am grateful to have had the chance to share a booth with experienced bazaritas like Ana, Pax and Melai! I will most definitely do this again! Many thanks also to my amor de mi vida Allan for everything today!

We are open until tomorrow. If you haven't yet, please drop by our space. It is very easy to find. It's just right across the ladies room. Come say hi! =)

Oh and I will not forget to bring the turbans I had made this time. I will make sure it's there tomorrow. I am also selling trench coats that are reversible and waterproof with a detatchable hood. Perfect for the rain that usually comes without a warning. Please check it out. See you tomorrow! =)

Again, Port 88 Lifestyle bazaar at the megatent. 10am to 9pm. I'm super pagoda! Goodnight loves!


  1. Good job, Aie! Order sana ako but is there any size for me? Can you mail it to the States?

  2. You girls are soo stylish! Sayang, I wasn't able to go! Next time..:)

  3. Congratulations on your first bazaar, Aie! I'm sure it was fun! Sorry I wasn't able to go. Hoping for a great turnout for you girls though!

    Btw how much are you selling the trench coats for? :)

  4. casual chic, babe!:) sayang wasn't able to attend the first day! But glad saw you girls today!

  5. It was nice to finally meet you Aie! Promise I'll take good care and style the p. pants well :)

    xx Kaye

  6. Love your boots! Sayang naman yung hat mo!


  7. Love the outfit!


  8. Love how such a petite sweet lady like you could pull off an androgynous look! x

  9. Anonymous: yes we can mail to the states. please send me your name and address.

    my email-

    mestizay : next time babe! Hope to see you soon! =)

    krissy ♥: Krissyfied!!! Thanks love! The coats are at 1800 each. reversible, Waterproof both sides with a detachable hood that comes with a belt to give it the perfect shape that we want. I'll post photos here soon. perfect sa tag ulan chi!

    AVA T.♥ : casual chic=pambahay lol! hagarda dat day I swear! =) Thanks again you still made it! It was nice to see you!

    Kaye: wahhh Bongga un chi! Alam ko nmn in good hands sha sayo lol! =)

    Nix: Naku Nix oo sayang talaga! And you know how bad your hair looks after wearing a hat right uggghhh! heyteeet! lol!

    Beatrice Balaj: Thanks babe! =)

    Ancia: Thanks! =)

    Dang: Thanks! But I still wish I was taller lol! =)