Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Port 88 - Day 2

Here's a quick post about my Port 88 experience.

Narration through photos...

I wore my turban to model the turbans I'm selling. I have more of different colors (plain) please watch out for it. I'll sell them here.

This photo was taken towards the end of the day. If you notice, my hair got shorter. That's because I went to Revlon Professional event. I'll share my experience on a separate post.

Manning the counter while trying on Anagon rings. =)

Aisa's sister. She's a doll!

Ana's busy tweeting. =) Can you spot me?

Hello there Ana!

Showing off my Anagon rings!. =p

I am inlove with Aisa's necklace.

Sporting her Anagon ring.

Melai in action.

Kilig moment effect to show the rings I got from Ana.

Picture taking...

Our busy booth.

Vern dropped by our booth.

Vern and another girl holding pieces from my set.

How can I say no to 2 pairs for 1k? So weak! But I deserved it for all the hardwork don't I?

Cute no? I think it will also look good with socks.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! My first Port88 experience as a seller was super! I will definitely join again. Bloggers united part 2 please come fast. =)


  1. My God! Love the shoes! Super sulit! Diko nakita yan, pikit mata ako nyan..BOO! :D :P
    Love the pics Aie! :) Post ko lang sa album ko a :) Miss ko na kayo! Sarap mag tinda uli! :)))

  2. Sure Ana! =) oonga eh I had so much fun selling. Tindera by heart talaga ako lol! =)

  3. ang ganda naman ng brown boots mo! =) congrats on your successful bazaar! =)

  4. hi there just randomly ran into your blog and im pretty into it! FOLLOWED. keep it up <3

  5. omg those shoes! where'd you get? i super regret not going tuloy! :(

  6. Love your shoes! Two pairs for 1k is such a steal.

  7. Your dress is beautiful, looks like a lovely place to shop

  8. ghoent: Thanks love! Sana ma meet kita in person! =)

    noelle: Thanks a lot for following! =)

    fashioneggpplant: I got it from a store accross ours. Super mura! Next time ulit! =) I think there'll be a port 88 sale again in mega tent in dec. But we won't be participating...

    Chyrel Gomez: I know! haha it was a lucky day!

    Sophie: Thanks lovey!

    dongala: It was super fun! Thanks for dropping by! =)