Friday, September 23, 2011



Signature Style, the exclusive distributor of Revlon Professional in the Philippines, introduces Revlon Professional’s Marrakech Collection. This is a new product line that captures the style, independence and modernity of today’s iconic woman. Formed by a mix of creativity, current and expertise, the versatile styles of the Marrakech Collection is sure to become the look on the street all over the world.

Revlon Professional’s rationale, “beauty is not exclusive, it needs the work of a good professional,” motivates its artistic team to relentlessly continue study and evolve by creating beauty for all women. Through the Marrakech Collection, Revlon Professional reveals the beauty of every woman by paying homage to the real, urban woman the woman who has the world at her feet.

Here are some photos from my Revlon Professional experience:

I was happy when I got a call from them saying I'm entitled to get a make over treat! I wanted to get my hair colored but obviously I needed hair treatment more so I opted to get a hair cut and treatment instead.

The scalp massage was just what I needed!

The place was jam packed by people from the press and media. I expected it to be more relaxing than it actually was. There were limited seats and the stylists seems to be in a rush.

I was happy to see Ava and Keigh there! It was also nice to finally meet Megan! Too bad I didn't get to take photos that much.

It was a relief to finally have the chance to get a hair treatment! I just wasn't so happy about the hair cut. My bangs got murdered! It was cut too short and now I have kindergarten bangs. Not to mention it was shorter on the other side. Now I can't even wear it down. =( I didn't bother to complain anymore because I know I can't have it back anyway. I just have to wait until it grows back. sigh!

Everyone was really very friendly and accommodating despite the super busy ambiance which made it even harder to complain about something I can't do anything about anymore. So I just wore my turban back to Port 88 bazaar. And because I was having such a great time selling and shopping at the same time I actually forgot about my bangs for a while. =)

Overall, I'm still thankful to have gotten a chance to get a make over treat by Revlon. Next time I'll probably just get a hair treatment or color instead of getting a hair cut.

I can't wait to try these!

I feel like I need a scalp massage every time I see my bangs in the mirror! lol! Thank goodness headbands and turbans were invented!


  1. Happy to see you again, Aie!:) Still love your hair!

  2. Thanks Ava! My bangs grew back na ng konti yay! =)