Monday, October 10, 2011

Hangten Special Event

I attended Hangten's special event and their idea of "blogger and reader" participation was just awesome!

When I think about the brand I think more of men's wear. It was actually surprising to see a lot of really good pieces in there for girls. They have pieces that are simple and yet it has that expensive kind of look. Scroll down to see what I'm talking about.

I didn't get to take outfit shots. It was raining that day so I threw in an oversized sweatshirt and wore it as a dress.

Here's a photo with Karen Aujero. Thanks for joining me babe! =)

I wore my favorite turban from Evita Peroni, my turquoise sling back pumps and brought my fuchsia Mango purse.

I was happy because the event gave me an opportunity to meet new people and interact with readers and bloggers at the same time.

It was my first time to meet Nicole and Anne. They are super stylish. Karen and I joined them in the group and I loved how each member of the team were open to hear out eachother's ideas. We all worked together closely and I should say quickly too! =)

Here's a closer look.

We decided to go with the denim on denim trend and added color by throwing in a red and gray belt.

We wanted to show the versatility of the clothes and help the market kind of think out of the box when styling. And so we used a layered skirt as a cape. Besides there's no rule when it comes to what you want to wear and how you want to wear it right?

Stacked some bangles and added a necklace used as a turban and she's good to go. We were all really very happy with our final look.

Here are photos of the other groups' mannequin.


Melai's group

Lissa and David's

Alyssa and Vern's

Ana and Nicole

And you know what happens when bloggers meet. Snap snap snap!

Melai and her reader

Nicole, Ana, moi, Tracy, Aisa and Tin

I really love Tracy's dress that day.

And of course there's Karen. I really had fun with you babe! I hope to see you again soon! =) Many thanks to Hangten family for having us!

That's it for now loves. Have a great day! I am not going to any of the events for the week. I know I will surely miss the fun but work is in the way and I also want some rest heeh!

Have a great day! Ciao! =)


  1. Ganduh mo teh actually ganda niyong lahat!:)

  2. I really love your outfit :) that dress is just gorgeous! <3

  3. I loved the idea as well. It's a great experience. :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. I love how you used your fuchsia bag to add a different element to the blue on blue ensemble! :) Really love your shoes. Great job with your mannequin! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
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  5. Hi! Thanks for coming! Just want to plug that the shoes are from Satchi Store, my sister's home-grown brand. Hope you can visit her FB page:


  6. Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! And btw, it was nice seeing you at the hang ten event! Ur so gorgeous! :)

  7. Great styling!

    Fashion Blogger

  8. Looks like a cool event!

  9. Funny and lovely pics!!!

    I like your blog, so.. I follow you too!
    Thanks for your comment

  10. great blog, lovely photos, looks fun! especially love the green sandals in the first photo :D amazing color
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
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  11. Great! Some beauty girls, i love it!!!
    I like Your style, You look amazing, i follow You.

  12. really super photos...I like your blog =)

  13. i love these pictures! you can win some jeffrey campbells on my blog <3

  14. These pics are so cool!!! Love all the clothes I see here!
    Thank you so much for your nice commen, honey! :)


  15. thanks for your comment! :) I think the same - Tracy's dress is amazing!

  16. i love your turban dear! it really suits you!


  17. oh! i like your boho chic outfit!!

    this colour fits u so well! and your great legs!

    just a beauty!