Thursday, November 24, 2011

BU Ticket Giveaway Winners

It's probably the nth time you've see the BU poster. But it's just recently that I spotted myself. Can you spot me?

So I would like to announce that BU Tickets giveaway is now closed. Here's the final list.

Alva, sorry I cannot grant your request of 3 tickets but I reserved 2 for you love.

Thanks again for joining guys! =)

1 Bea Ann-Marie Perez
2 Tricia Manato
3 Isabel Quinones
4 Jhoanna Marie Signio
5 Alva Corpuz
6 Alva Corpuz +1
7 Maiko buxani
8 Coney Reyes
9 Madz Gonzalez
10 Marie Castro
11 Karen Aujero
12 Rowena Nolasco
13 Fides Joyce Juanzo
14 Mary Jane Del Valle
15 Vicky Visorio
16 Cheen Becina
17 Paulo Labarda
18 Melanie Alfiler
19 Ivy Jamolangue
20 Emil Tumbaga
21 Ronmar Valdez
22 Abigail Delfin
23 Erika Avila
24 Bryan Reyes
25 Rob Carreon
26 Rosette Nobleza
27 Cev Estaris
28 Kelly Wee
29 Ernesto Gimpao
30 Raymark Dela Cruz

If you don't know how to get there here's the map. =) See you there!


  1. Thank you! See youuu:)


  2. This is so cool! I wish we had such a strong blogging community in my country


  3. That sounds like such an awesome event! xoxoxo

  4. Aaaw! I missed the ticket giveaway :((
    You're preetty! I like your blogs :D
    I'm following you... how bout following each other? heehee!!

    xx Angel