Sunday, December 4, 2011


I know I told you about the Privado sale here so did you guys make it? I hope you did because it was awesome! They offered items at 50% off and there was an additional 20% discount for sm advantage card holders. It's super bongga!

Here's what I wore to the event.

I was happy to know that some blogger friends are coming too so I made sure I'm there despite my schedule. So good lunch over a great conversation plus scoring a good deal in Privado, I went home a happy girl!

What caught my eye...

I brought home a pair of Lulu Guinness sunnies and a Timex watch.

We also got to see a few SMDC model units! It was brief but the guy said they have pretty good deals this month. If you're looking at investing for a condo you might want to go to SMDC showroom in MOA. =)

Say hi to Ava in the shower! =)

And now I am ending this post by thanking all of you who dropped by our booth yesterday during the Bloggers United! It was super cool to be face to face with people I only see online! =) Thank you so much for making it a success! I will definitely blog all about it next. Goodnight for now loves! =)


  1. sosyal ng shower ko!:)) daming rooms! Nice bonding with you again, aie!

  2. FINALLY!! your outfit Aie, especially the necklace. good seeing you yesterday. namiss kita...

  3. @Ava: tamey! yeah it's nice to be back san bako galing? lol!

    @Belle: namiss din kita girl! It was nice to see you yesterday. You are always bongga I love your shoes nanaman!

  4. love all your rings and great photos. :)

  5. Awesome dress and I want your rings!

  6. and although you're sporting on some black ensemble, very chic pa rin, and seems that it's very comfy

  7. Aie, Namiss kita! so glad to see you at BU! see you again next time :)


  8. I absolutely love everything about your outfit!