Monday, December 5, 2011

Bloggers United II

Here's what I wore to the event...

Kashieca dress, hat from SM accessories, necklace from Karma, rings from Anagon and Jhajing, my Cigar box bag- gift from my lovely sister, shoes from Urbanog

Being a part of bloggers united is really an honor. From getting super excited and looking forward to it months ahead, getting tired of packing stuff while judging each item weather to let go or not, going gaga over the other blogger's stuff on the day of the event and being thrilled to meet people that actually reads your blog and meeting the ones behind the blogs that you follow yourself.

It is such a happy feeling knowing that while you're selling/ finding a new mom for your babies, while enjoying a great conversation with your readers and other bloggers, you not only make that extra money and make space for your closet but you know that while you get that numb arm from hanging so much clothes (not to mention refilling your rack everytime) you forget how tiring it is and how hungry you are because you see blogger friends and readers supporting eachother. There's just so much love around that you forget you skipped lunch and that you're wearing a five inch heels and that your feet are supposed to hurt. You keep going because you are having so much fun and deep down you are also reminded of the classrooms that are to be built by GMA Kapuso for the kids. It's such a nice feeling. A great way to start Christmas month yeah? I hope you guys had so much fun as I did. It was surreal! I am very much looking forward to the next!

I have and will never stop thanking Aisa, Melai and Ana for putting so much effort to this event. And of course without the sponsors all these are not possible.

I remember when we first did this in Honey's garrage where slowly the ideas poured and now we have BU to look forward to every year, hopefully every season (fashionweek lang lol). I miss you Honey! Sali ka na sabihin mo kay aisa sponsoran ang airfare from Kuwait lol!

That's me trying not to bug the girls checking the clothes...

Say hello to them bloggers =)

Oh hello there busy bee!

These girls can sing! I was blown away! Totally a goosebumps moment!

This should have been a nice photo kainis blurry! soyong!!!

Thanks to Catch, Vern, Ana, Jhoanna and Krissy for some of the photos! =)

BU3 please??? =)


  1. Aie! namiss kita! nice seeing you! :)


  2. It was nice to see you there, Aie. I LOVE YOUR BAG btw!!!

  3. Love ya Aie! :) Benta kung kaya lang namin supportahan airfare ni Honey! :D Naku pati airfare ng fave lookbook-ers ko sasama ko hahaha ;D Thanks also for helping out my mom saking paninda! Till next BU! :)

  4. Super agree ako sa words mo Aie!

    PS. Can i grab some photos? :)

  5. I love your necklace and shoes! I should fly in to Manila for BU3! I don't ever wanna miss it the third time! XD

  6. My sister was so inggit. HAHAHA! It was nice seeing you there, Aie. <3

  7. Sayang girl di tayo masyado nakapagbonding. See you soon!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. i absolutely love your outfit!!! the color blocking and those amazing cut out details on the top-gorgeous!!! and your bag - i'm obsessed about unusual looking accessoires and yours is stunning!! ^^ looks like a really fun day!! :)

  9. Wow a lot of pics! I love your Shoes and your Outfit!